Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ferrari commission.........

Just posting this Babs so you don't think I have gone a.w.o.l.!!! More tomorrow- including some blurb hopefully...... !

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Lansdown Crescent in Bath..... The Bath Prize

Just a quick post today, as in roughly 3 hours and 24 minutes I am off on holiday. For all you stuck here in this pre autumn snap of bad weather, I will try not to enjoy myself too much ( doesn't count! I had my fingers crossed!) If there are any comments ( probably rude ones after that last remark) I will of course reply the moment I am back. Well, definitely after the first load of washing goes on anyway.
It's been a very busy five minutes here trying to quickly complete a commission and a painting for a local competition. The commission was a present for a couple's daughter getting married shortly, and they thought it would be a nice idea to have a painted momento of the church they are to have the ceremony in. I too think that this is a splendid idea as I enjoy being gainfully employed. The painting has been framed up and collected to a rapturous response which was nice- oh if all commissions were that easy.
The second piece is my entry to a local open competition designed to promote the City of Bath. Here is a bit of blurb from their website

Introducing The Bath Prize

A wide variety of artists, working on paintings of the City will produce a multi-faceted portrait of a special place. From this will emerge the one painting judged to be the work that most truly captures the essence of Bath in 2009. This painting will win The Bath Prize! The Bath Prize will be an annual competition and, for this inaugural year, the prize fund is £5,000. The competition is open to British artists over the age of 18 years submitting a painting produced following a visit to Bath.

A Very Special Place

Bath is unique, a world-famous destination where, for more than two thousand years, artists and craftsmen have been inspired by a very special place. Now The Bath Gallery has created The Bath Prize, a painting competition to stimulate new work celebrating the glory of Bath, to recognise the best and to display as much of it as possible in the City that inspired it..

A Painting Competition With a Difference

To ensure that the whole of the City is covered, entrants taking part will be required to produce at least one painting inspired by a specified location in the Georgian heart of the City, these locations will be allocated by ballot.

Guess which bit I got? Even if you tried you couldn't get any more windows in the place! They allocated Lansdown Crescent to me which is quite balking if you are not into architecture. Good job I don't mind a bit of repetition. Good job I don't mind a bit of.... I didn't actually finish until the early hours of the day it had to be given in so I call that a close shave. My wrists are going to thoroughly enjoy not painting frantically for a week. First prize is £2500 which I could spend in the blink of an eye given half a chance but I'm trying to be realistic here- I'd be more than thrilled if it sells at the two week exhibition after the voting has been carried out. That's an equally nice scenario so here's hoping someone has a space on their wall for a sweet little series of watercolours depicting a historic part of Bath. You never know, with all those windows on show someone who lives behind them may snap this up!