Saturday, 18 April 2009

Seascape update...


Many apologies for screeching like a banshee, or a Moldovan wedding dancer if you prefer, but I just had to get it out of my system! What a week indeedy. The commission has been done and dusted and gone on to pastures anew. I have an appointment to see if I can get some work accepted at the British Academy of Arts, for a forth-coming exhibition of nudes they will be running ( yes! I am nervous about it, but there is no point in being shy at my age!) We have also managed to get the Bath and West Show again, which will be ideal for advertising the Gallery/Workshop to the fullest ( and make some pennies of course) which is by far more productive than sticking an advert in a magazine. And....yep, there's more!.... got another commission for a lovely big seascape in soft greys. Time for a spot of tmesis I think- 'Hoo-flippin'-Rah! That's celebratory enough. 

Posted is an update of the work in progress on the easel. My puddlescape is now looking more like a seascape, and more recognisable- which is good. 'Only the skies to go' she wafted airily! 

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Va Va Vroom....... oil on canvas 18''x14''

Ahh! The happy sigh of relief from someone who has just worked in their favourite paint....

Hot off the press, the latest commission in oils that I have been asked to do. There are still some tweaky ( ooh, get my technical jargon!) bits to smooth out, but it's nearly there.  Luckily for me red is my best-loved colour else this could have been quite difficult. It can be a harsh colour but it is so bold and vivid I cannot help but like it. Not for the faint hearted this hue! I'm not a biker by any stretch of the imagination so I was pleased it turned out nicely. I once had a Honda Melody in my twenties, but as I fell off it on just about every occasion that I had to sit on the dammed thing the love affair for two-wheelers never took off. I'm twice that age now, but still cringe at the memories of short skirts, pipe cleaner legs and being tipped upside down on the tarmac of many Wiltshire roads. I'm pretty sure I single-handedly kept the local mechanics industry alive and prosperous... I certainly kept them in fits of laughter. Ho Hum. 

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Work in progress....

We are off on our travels tonight for a few days so I thought I would post a shot of my latest seascape in progress, just to keep the blog alive and kicking! Well I say seascape but at the moment it really is just a puddle that you can see. I'm prone to hyperbole given the opportunity. I shall make a big effort again on it when we get back, something I should have been doing today but couldn't settle down to. Too excited really! I enjoy going to new places etc., and this trip is definatly a new experience- a Moldovan wedding! The 'family' is getting bigger and more continental so Christmasses will be even more fun I reckon from now on! Not that I am wishing our summer away. 

A vague thought entered my bonce today about how unpowered, unstressy and low key our life is now, whilst showing our friend the ropes of the gallery/workshop. It took all of 5 minutes, and two of those minutes were pointing out the coffee making facilities! A far cry from yester year when we lived on stress and fatigue as our staple diet. Did I mention I love being an artist? It's not a bad life is it?

If anyone is kind enough to drop by with a comment for this post, I will reply as soon as we are back in town- don't think I have deserted you! 'Ketchup' later....