Sunday, 14 February 2010

Splashes of Colour......

It must be the sniff of a nice sunny day thats done this.... I thought I would post some colour studies I have worked on recently. These are all photographs I have tinkered with ( quite liberally in some cases! ) and which are now included in the website. Thats the same website my poor, hard done by husband has been spending his days and nights revamping for me..... yes, I had another whim. It's like spring cleaning the house after taking down all the Christmas decorations... you feel the New Year needs a new look, so a big tidy up was needed I thought for my internet presence. I'm not convinced my husband felt the same but he has laboured away manfully and it should be reloaded in a couple of days. Hoorah! I know how to keep him sweet though so he has had all weekend off to watch sport. I shall crack the whip again on Monday ( as if!)
Isn't it odd where we find inspiration for photography? Deep mid winter I found myself ankle deep in freezing cold water taking photos of damage to a hot tub. Amongst the blistered paint bubbles I found an oddly shaped one which really caught my imagination. After a little colour boost and crop I had what I think is a lovely abstract photo of a blue hand.... can you tell which one it is?

Oh, and very quickly....... Hello Sally!! (See, I said I would mention you!) Thank you for reading my blog! x