Sunday, 31 January 2010

''Amber Wilderness''- glass painted landscape

Hot off the desk ( and a highly messy, paint strewn one at that) is the latest offering. I had a little experiment with the size of frame here, opting for a long, thin one instead of my more traditional sized portrait-style picture. I also chose to use glass paints this time ... for no other reason than to shake myself up a bit. I am getting quite good in my middle age of just settling into a routine ( except where exercise is concerned!) and staying in my self-imposed rut. So a different approach was taken this time to blow away the cobwebs. I have noticed over the years that this slim orientation sells quite well as it fits neatly over fireplaces etc..... that's the theory anyway. Let us see if it gets put into practice!

(Painting 35'' x 10'')

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy New Year....

Oops! I believe I have left it a little late to wish everyone a happy 2010, but better late than never. The prodigal painter returneth finally, after an eight week absence. My sincere apologies to my regular readers for the quiet fingers of late..... my digits were superglued together by a gum that lasts for two months, and then magically disappears. Not really. I just needed the break! I will endeavor to pick up my slack ways and get a-posting regularly as to be honest, I miss the comments! I hope everyone is in the finest of fettle and getting back into the swing of the New Year.
It has been a quiet January so far, which means all the small things and bits that have been put aside can now be sorted out properly. I have been very lucky though to have picked up several commissions already, and diverse ones at that which is always a bonus for me. Most of the commissions have been glass panels which I find do not photograph well ( much like me when I have just woken up) so I thought I would post this little chappie instead. He is Dylan and a birthday present for someone, so I hope for a change that there is at least one person who doesn't read this blog as I will have ruined their surprise! Hope you like him....