Monday, 18 May 2009

Another day, another spaniel!

As promised previously, here is the second of the spaniel commissions now finished. I was asked to put a few strands of brown through the monochrome colouring to show his tones off... breaks up the obvious standard contrast quite nicely I think. Time to frame them up and deliver them to their new home now! 

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pencil drawing of spaniel.....

Hot of the press a commission I have been working today. I still have a bit to do on the furthest ear and some other tweakings, but it's nearly there. I hurriedly popped a frame down and took a photo before the light completely went, so apologies for the grey look. I'd stop and chat about this normally but I have to get on with this spaniel's little buddy as time waits for no man (it may end up as a pointless exercise though as my eyes are crossing over from tiredness!) So I'll catch up properly tomorrow with hopefully another drawing... promise!

Friday, 15 May 2009

A 'prolific' posting!

I awoke early this morning in one of those wide-awake-eyes-focused-crystal-clear-headed-compus-mentis-moments that really sets a day up beautifully right from the word go. It ranks alongside having a 'cool pillow fashioned into a perfect position' and slipping into 'freshly laundered bedding after a long bath' as other bedtime favourites. I managed to wait at least 25 minutes before subtly fidgeting enough to wake my gently snoring husband. Mission accomplished, I snuggled in closer all smiles and morning warmth. "You stink!" he said unceremoniously.

To be totally fair, he was talking of the invasive stench of solvent smells coming from downstairs where I have been using the kitchen as an overflow second work studio, and not my personal toilette routine (or lack of it!) The fumes I am able to ignore successfully as I am used to them, but Mike has really suffered- headache and blocked sinuses were his wake up call instead. He soon rallied though and reasoned that 'as it was all my fault, then I had to make him a coffee in bed... and get the headache pills.... and bring his laptop to him...' With a cheeky glint in his (slightly inflamed) eye he also said  'Oh! And I would like some melon scooped into little balls for my breakfast, and then I will forgive you!' I laughed and pottered off after seeing to the first 3 demands. On a whim I curiously rooted around at the back of the kitchen drawer and found..... a melonballer! The joy! Which explains one of the photos above. The rest are all table tops and lamps in various stages of drying, festooning our kitchen sides with liquid jewel colours. It's a hive of creativity in there readying for the show coming up. As a wee bonus we HAD to have a take away in the evening as I have covered every inch of surface, including the cooker, so who says women arn't so good at spatial relations? Mine worked a treat!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Busy girl.....

Only a short posting as time is somewhat precious at the moment. The grains of sand are sliding away far too fast for my liking down through my little egg-timer. As you've probably noticed I have used that old chestnut of 'padding out' with photos and waffle... a winning combo when pushed, I feel! The Bath and West show is nearly upon us and that is taking up most of the working day (and evening...zzzz) trying to get enough stock for the gift side of our business. Oils and watercolours are on hold for a while, but I am also inundated with commissions too, so no rest for the wicked, heh? The commissions are a diverse mix too from pencil drawings of pets to oil seascapes, lamp with 50 poppies for a birthday and a glass 'mind your head' notice (that's the duck or grouse picture!)

Variety is the spice of life and all that.

The tables with their painted tops are proving really popular so I always seem to have a few of them on the burner now- we are taking lots to the Show while we are on a roll. I am also in the middle of painting lots more silk tops and sarongs for the Bath and West initially, but if they don't make an impact will sit happily in our place after the show. In fact if the show doesn't go to well due to lower spending etc., then I will have lots of finished stock for the gallery shop to dip into over the summer season. Hoorah for that.

Oh, and one last thing before I screw my leg on.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!! Have a good'un! 

Friday, 1 May 2009

Reveal day of the Disintegration.......

Oops. I jumped the gun.

There is always one isn't there? The one who always rushes forward and does everything at breakneck speed, without paying any regard for what it is that she is 'supposed' to be doing. The one who then has to put up her hand and apologise for getting it wrong because she was too eager to listen properly to start with. I see my behaviour has changed little from being a wee girl then! I have always been a pressie-squeezer and I even list it as one of my hobbies, so it is no wonder then that I went and opened up my bundles for this Disintegration Collaboration that Seth has been running over on his The Altered Page blog. I can hear Michael Caine saying ' you were only supposed to blow the ' yada,yada, yada..... only in my case, I was 'only supposed to photo' my bundles today and not open them. Ho hum! 

Ugh! And a grotty ol' business it was too. One thing I noticed straight away was the bundle I half-buried came out relatively unscathed and still whole; I had thought this one would be alot soggier and eaten away but it looks pretty much the same as when it went in. The bundle that I hung up for Mother Nature to do her best on, had gone true to form and had almost disintegrated away in one corner. We have had some fairly fierce weather here at times so that was no shock, infact I had to rehang it twice over the months due to the wind trying to liberate it. As you can see from the photos in this bundle almost everything has changed state, with two noticeable exceptions. Firstly and foremost, the Teddy made it! It may look a little grubbier, but thanks to the wholly melted wash powder tablets he smells lovely. The second one is quite bizarre and I think maybe science should find an alternate use for this material- check out the gluten free fruit loaf! Apart from the fact I tore the foodstuff as I opened the wrapping up, it is virtually indistinguishable from when it first went in. Earthquake-proof housing could be made from this material or soft play areas for children springs to mind too. A wonder stuff no less- as long as you don't have to eat it.

And can you see the little visitor to the bundle? I was happily snapping away when this small beetle showed himself. He is now safely back in the garden living off what he should be rather than that which I provided. Seems like everyone wants to join in with Seth's fantastic collaborative effort!