Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A riot of colour...

We have a day off here- I only had to become 40 to wangle it, mind! I shouldn't be posting- there's too much fun to be had elsewhere! But thought I could quickly share a few photos of the beautiful flowers my Mum and Stepdad sent. Aren't they gorgeous- the flowers aren't too bad, either!!!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

View Over Exmoor...oil on canvas 20"x20"

I like sheep, especially as kleftico.
Only joshing!

Another day, another rich landscape! One of these days I'll surprise myself and go all muted and soft, but I can't see it happening for a while! This is one for Mems and Peps as it's their neck of the world. I think if memory serves, this is heading out towards Porlock. I could be wrong though- ask anyone who knows me, about my sense of direction, or lack of it really. I only have two directions... "that way" and "over there"- nothing else!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Seascape in oils....

Short post,
No time,
This one's for Babs,
from my production line!

Sunday, 20 July 2008


A year on and still missed. We had to mention him as he was an active team member of SerenArts. No-one could pull out paper from the printer and shred it as quickly as he. Or drink the paint brush water you had just gone and fetched as messily as he. He would creatively add extra letters to any typing you were working on by standing on the keyboard. And considered it his duty to rid the studio of those dangerous and pesky loo rolls, by chewing up and spitting out everywhere little lumps of wet tissue paper. No stock photo shoot was ever completed without him regally sitting next to the latest piece- to protect it of course. And boy could he paint! He would just load up his paws by walking over a current oil on canvas, and artistically spread his daubs all over the place. Now who else has such an office/studio assistant like that, heh?! One in a million.
Rest In Pilchards, Jimmy x

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Large seascape in oils.....5'x4'

Phwoar, what a whopper. No, it's not an actress and bishop joke, just me enthusing in a bawdy british manner on the size of this painting with a cheap double entendre! (Got the Devil in me tonight- might have something to do with the impending 'birthday of note' coming up- that, or I'm just a rude mare really!) I definitely became a dirty mare today, as I had more paint on myself than the canvas. A walking greyscale, indeed. Next time I get into that state I shall roll around on paper and get two pictures for the price of one. I could pass myself off as a collograph maybe?
For reference I again turned to the bottomless archives of our Mems' photo stock! This was going to be more true to the photo, but the minute paint hit canvas, the sheer size of the piece gave rise to flourish and added drama. I still have a bit to do on it, but just had to post.... impatient as ever, heh?!
Toying with the idea of naming this "Portrait of a British Summer!"

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Kingston Mill watercolour.....

Another local painting of where we live. This is a watercolour of Kingston Mill in Bradford on Avon, which used to be one of the old woollen mills the town is famous for. It has now been converted into lots of retirement flats for people with muchos moolah. My stepdad and fellow firecrew cohorts managed to completely flood out the entire building many moons ago, on an exercise. They did it in style too, as all local visiting dignitaries of note were invited to watch the firemens' expertise in an emergency!!!! One little tap turned the wrong way caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, and lots of embarrassment! Well, if your going to do it big!
I found this much easier going today- it can take me a 'go' to adjust between all the different media I use. My brain felt more in tune with my hand this time! Glory!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bradford on Avon- mainly watercolour!

Haven't been lazy over here- just been away! We even had a legitimate excuse to down tools and swan off... our first wedding anniversary! We took Arthur the trusty van- and now most cherished van at that as he flew through his MOT unscathed (luckily, leaks in the roof and a nail in a tyre don't fail you! Phew!!) A lovely little campsite nr. Poole turned out to be the destination, where we chilled until the rain finally drove us back home (Hmm! Damned clever rain that!) We did stay dry by tying a clear plastic tarpaulin over the roof- if anyone asked, we were going to say it was a new style solar panel!
I did take some watercolours with the sole intention of doing more work whilst away, but as it turned out they had a holiday too. (We have a penchant for taking the post out on day trips too!) Here is the start of some local scenes in watercolours (and inks, and pencils, and and and and!) This is a view of one end of the main street. Hope you enjoy......

Oh,by the by, a big thank you to everyone who stopped and chatted to us at the Frome Art Boot Sale today. It was one of the best atmospheres we have known. Lots of happy people, and artists.... and fantastic weather. Rah! Life is good!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Narrow boats on the Avon...40"x28" oils on canvas

Oh! Sweet Mary, Mungo and Midge. Hallelujah and Yahoo-di Menuhin. I've finished the barge painting. It's the big one too, so the next smaller one should be a doddle by comparison. I now need to go buy some bunting, just to be able to hang some out! This turned into a real labour of love, but it's done and what's more, I like it! Rah. That helps, I feel! I am going to celebrate by having a very long soak in the tub to try and remove the Prussian Blue I am currently wearing- I am almost certain it's not this season's colour! (Now Cerulean, that's a different story!) Enjoy!