Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ah.... but is it art?

The prodigal has returned! Apologies for lack of posts recently, but when a girl is busier than an umbrella firm during our summer, then you know something has to give. Alas, the blog 'bought it' for a while. I have had so much to say and show you all, but that was days ago and I have moved on from all the gossip of shows, commissions and wotnot now. If I don't write about things in the moment then I'm afraid it gets consigned to my erratic memory banks for eternity, while I concentrate on the new ( that's a round about way of saying there is only room in my head for one thing at a time! )
Seamless link alert... Ahem, 'talking of new' (did you like that? No visible joins hey?!) the photos I have posted above are the current creative bent that I have found myself engrossed in. I am most sincerely an avid photograph taker, and find great pleasure in lining up a view, setting a scene with light, capturing a split second of life, the finding the beauty in the natural etc, with my camera. I am quite a traditionalist as you have probably garnered from my art postings, so was pleasantly surprised that I found myself enjoying 'altering' and blending photos together, or just bending colours around to suit. The cynic in me says this is just another commercial route to keep the roof over my head but that is only 49% - the other 51% just loves to keep on creating in whatever way, shape or form it may take. I also still have all the associated memories of taking these pictures au natural, as well as the bonus of a sense of achievement by making something new. Whatever your views on altered art I would greatly appreciate your feedback about the photos- and it's o.k. as I am after all, a big girl now!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Bradford on Avon work in process

(Silent scream.) This painting still needs a large amount of work doing to it.... and I have to give it in midweek. Guess who'll be painting through the night again then? I think a small ripple of applause for the person who came up with fast drying oil paints. The paints caught me off guard to start with (...easily done...) with the drying times. They act like a slow acrylic, and areas were setting before I had a chance to 'do my thing' which was quite unnerving. I don't like to be rushed at some things but I have struck up a working relationship with the little tubes of life-saving now. Hurrah.
O.K. What have I done? Somebody please put me out of my misery. How did I get this underlining to happen.... and more importantly, how do I turn it off?! I have looked through all my blog tabs etc and still no clue, so is it something I have touched on my 'puter? There are going to be so many people thinking ' surely she is having a Steffi- everyone knows about underlining!' But I genuinely don't. I know other things instead... like guinea pigs have only three toes on their back feet, and not four like the front ones. Stuff like that. Stuff of no particular value really. Well, unless you're a guinea pig trying to find some well-fitting Jimmy Choo's. As a thank you for showing up my disgraceful secretarial skills I will send out a Butterfly print to the first person to put me right- but there are two conditions...
1. The answer has to be on the blog here and not the Facebook copy feed,
2. There must be no alluding to the undeniable fact I am a bit of an eejit.
There. Fancy helping a lass out and getting a free bit of art to boot? I'll sort posting via email to the clever and quick.
Mm. Just had a terrible thought. What if this blip doesn't show up on posting. If this happens I'll switch to plan B- could you kindly disregard the second part of my posting please!!!! I'm going to push the publish button now.... here goes