Saturday, 31 January 2009

Well it's about time too..

Hurrah, huzzah and 'Ally-bloomin-loo-yer. We finally have an internet connection! It has simply taken ages. I never thought it would mean that much to us, but it really has been frustrating trying to run the business without it. Not as frustrating as trying to get set up with Talktalk though. Mike is thankful for not being the most hairy-headed fellow around, as he hasn't had to endure the pain of pulling it all out clump by clump dealing with them. Two weeks of bungled, mis-informed telephone calls later, and those were the ones we weren't hung up on, we found out that 'someone had cancelled the original agreement and we would have to start all over again, if we wanted'. Well, no siree! No thankee indeedy! We phoned BT, and in little over a week later are now fully operational and ready to roll. That big sigh you can probably hear is our collective relief! Smooth operations are now the order of the day, and getting back up to speed with blogland is next priority!

Posted are some photos of the 'new adventures in silk' I'm working on. I'm going to have to come clean- I am totally hooked on the flow of silk paints! I have only started with smaller items to get the feel, but today I stretched on a large cushion, applied my design and had fun with salt. The results are stunning, although the colour hasn't shown up as in real life. Eventually I would like to apply the silk paints as close to fine art as I can get- but that wont be for a while yet! In the meantime, what colours can I mix up now! Oh, and that hairy rolling pin picture turned out to be the grey/green stripey scarf, in case you were wondering! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Plumping up...

It's a bit quiet out. The only thing moving is tumbleweed. Inside is a different matter; it is warm and busy. I enjoy winter's days like this, ensconced cosily with lots to be getting on with. Many people are getting back to painting routines now after the festivities, life clicking back into place. We still feel a bit out of kilter after setting up the new place, but are getting back into the throws of good, honest work. I have picked up the paintbrushes and Mike's back to the virtual grindstone. The craft side of my work is now starting to pad out the smaller areas here, but I think it will be a fortnight before I can start on canvas again. There was also the strange matter of my index finger suddenly developing an independent will of it's own, and pressing a button that ordered some beautiful silks. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
There's nothing for it I suppose... I am just going to have to paint all that too! 

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A quiet start....

Well, that's the first day over and done with. We had to beat back the throngs of customers and hire donkeys to carry our bulging money bags home for us, it was THAT busy.

Not really.

Two friends popped in during the morning, and I spoke to another couple outside looking for a coffee shop later on, and that was it! I'm ashamed to say I even offered to make a cuppa for them. It was the same for everyone else down there, so we all spent time in each others workshops having a good old chinwag and a proper nose at each others' wares. Tops fun indeed! So while it may not have been the most prosperous day financially, it certainly was for building up friendships. The quiet time was good for catching up on thinking without haste too, and I realised this blog has sailed past it's first birthday without me even noticing. How remiss- I promise I have never done that with my children! 

Altogether now.. Happy Birthday to Blog, happy birthd- yeah, yeah, blah!

Here's to another year x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

'Twas the night before......

Well, it is almost upon us. Come rain or shine (more like sleet and snow) we open our new workshop cum gallery tomorrow. Bar a few minor tweakings we are ready too having worked harder than a handkerchief at flu clinic, for the last couple of days. Our 'it's all coming together nicely moment' was when the floor had a coat of paint and looked all clean, shiny and new. I know it wont last long so I took a photo for posterity. It looked so good I think I will actually enjoy sweeping it for say, ooh, at least another 3 days before I get bored! White-washing the cladding has opened the room up and sets off the paintings better than the previous natural wood colour. We've almost managed to hide my messier, working studio area and give Mike's side of the business more of an office/customer feel with 'it does exactly what it says on the tin' room dividers. Neat. Literally!

As for the rest of it, pieces will be added hot off the production line. I must confess there was a slight balking at the idea of sitting in front of the window where the world can walk by and see me painting away, being the shy, retiring and quiet woman I am ( ha! May I BE forgiven?!) Fortunately I have found my hairbrush, and have a daily mantra of ' just get over yourself will you girlie' which seems to be working!  Now here's a difference between the sexes... I'm worried about being self conscious and on show, while my hubby is worried about having to rely on Talktalk for broadband down there! On reflection,methinks his is the bigger worry.

Anyway, must fly- things to do, like crossing our fingers.......

Monday, 5 January 2009

A jangling of keys....

Look what Santa gave us for Christmas. Our very own workshop/gallery to flourish in. Mike and I are more excited than the vicar of Dibley on a factory tour of Cadbury's. We keep trying to act our age but it is proving difficult to suppress the joy. We join a lovely little community and this area is a tourist hotspot too, so things will never be dull! If you have five minutes spare a quick Google of the Tithebarn Workshops in Bradford on Avon will shed further light on these beautiful buildings, although I know I will waffle on about here as soon as I get a lengthier chance. In the meantime we have lots of plotting, painting and posting of photos ( whoo, p-p-pick up a penguin alliteration!) to be occupying us- not to mention challenging the little grey cells with the mensa-defying shelving flat packs we bought. I think tea tonight will be a vat of omega3 oil and a tin of spinach. Yum.......