Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rain stopped play......

Having spent the last week or so hunched over toxic solvent based glass paints all in the name of art (and money, of course) I decided enough was enough. The studio smells like a glue sniffer's paradise and I am worried about rheumy-eyed, slack-jawed, hoody-wearing delinquents camping outside. I fear I've become a cheap date however- for £1.95, a 15 ml bottle of Kelly Green gives you all the symptons of a great(?) night out without actually imbibing. Slurred words, inane conversation, mood swings and complimentary blinding headaches all for a mere snip! Joy. So I made a dash for it.
Over on 'Off the Wall Art' last week, Babs posted a blog pointing out this lively and energetic abstract artist, Jonas Gerard. As soon as I had watched the YouTube video of him working away, I knew at some point in my life I just had to have a go. He jiggles and dances his way through the whole painting process, chucking paint around with wild abandon and happy good-naturedness. Although I prefer to work my art in a detailed way, something must be said for the sheer feel good factor of cutting loose and going bananas. Today was the day, so I made up a big canvas (70"x20") and set up outside in the lovely autumnal afternoon sunshine. Cue 'head' music ( I didn't want anyone to know I was outside and no one can hear if you get a case of the mondegreens!) ranging from Lark Ascending , morphed into Blue Monday with a hefty lump of Under Pressure for good measure, and I was off (.... off my trolley, more like.) The songs weren't working though, I needed to remember some real hip shakers to wriggle around to whilst daubing. The Sugababes popped in, Pointer Sisters, Yes sir I can boogie... I haven't shaken my 'booty' in anger since 1994! The paint went flying on, here, there, everywhere. Both hip replacements were popping, squeaking and groaning like a rusty pair of castanet accompaniments, but I didn't care! Throw another dollop on! I was on the second rendition of 'Push the button', when it happened.
Plip plop.
I looked up, and whoomph! Deluge. Thunder, lightening and hailstones (pictured) replaced the sunshine in seconds. I heard my husband say "what the bloody hell have you done to the weather, woman!" from the safety of indoors, as I struggled to get a six foot painting out of harms way. On reflection, what I imagined were sassy, with it, cool dance moves actually turned out to be a corker of a Rain Dance. I wonder if Jonas Gerard ever gets that problem? I did however achieve what I originally set out to do, as a dousing of ice cold rainwater is every bit as envigorating as a spot of Plein Air in the sunshine. I know which I prefer though.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Terror Terrier!

Rah! Let's drape the bunting around and pop open a jar of olives- I've finally finished this commission off. I felt a strange affinity with this dog ( and no! Not a 'one old dog to another' type connection!) as I have finally found something that hates having their photo taken, as much as me! Look at his protestations- I'm going to try that next time. I had to take about 20 pictures just to get one that wasn't blurred from him trying to make a break for it, or showing a set of teeth that would make a piranha look like Nemo. Spirited little fellow, bless him! Joking aside, I enjoyed doing this as I like detail. I derive quite a sense of satisfaction making things look like 'what they aughta' down to the last molecule, but it doesn't last too long. I also derive a huge amount of pleasure just throwing loads of paint around in wild abandon too. Think it all depends on the tension of my knicker elastic on any given day. Have fun!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Great British Summer (5' x 4') oil on canvas...

I don't have much time, so just a quickie. I have a big question to ask though, so any guidance would be more than helpful. Are you supposed to paint the edges of your canvas? There, straight out with it! I only ask because, not being trained 'proper-loike, Mr 'Iggins', I don't know what the form is on these things. This oil painting got sent back to me to 'finish off' (I don't think a frame will be applied, so there-in probably lies the answer.) What did I do? Well, as I'm told to of course! But I wouldn't mind being a bit more scientific about it next time.....

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Freeform tabletops (new range)...

It's been all go today, and we're also settling in for a long night's work here, too- which of course isn't a problem when you've got those creative juices flowing (it's when you haven't that it's a struggle!) Pictured are two tabletops for starters. I use oil based glass paints for these, and just freestyle "draw" the paints on from a pipette. The whole lot moves around on it's own accord, so you have to make sure your desk is well and truly level! I tried out two of these at my earlier show, which got snapped up immediately. Thought I'd do a couple more for the next one in December. The vase pictured is a new style I have found, and for this I have used alcohol inks. I think it gives a lovely watercolour effect no other glass paints can recreate. The photo was taken whilst the sun was beating through the window today, so if you can't tell what it is....it's poppies in a field! It's a whopper too, standing at 80cms high. Can you imagine the size of the flowers you'll need to put in it? Not your average posy, that's for sure!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Luke... (kkcrkkghh!) I am your father

Another day, another book cover! This is an idea for the sequel to Julie's first book. It is at present untitled, but the story carries on from the previous book, with a heavy leaning towards the judicial system and it's consequences. Carrying on the theme of cross-cultural differences, but reflecting the idea of courtroom drama, I came up with this idea. I painted it all separately, and then scanned it all in, to eventually place it on a gradated backdrop. It looks really good in all it's disjointed bits.... but put all together I can't help but get the feeling that Darth Vader has taken up arc-welding. Hmm. Another play I think.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Is this a dagger I see before me.....

I really annoy myself sometimes (did you hear that? I think it was my husband's eyebrows lifting from the office next door!) I woke up and for no reason whatsoever, suddenly decided I didn't like the book cover idea any more. I'm sure it's the lack of detail; it might just as well have been 'because it's Friday' or that the price of cereal has gone up (broccoli on the other hand has come down).....who knows? I'd have to say, I sure pick my moments to get antsy with something. I'm up to the eyes with commissions, and I help myself how?! But all is well now. I have even managed to get two pictures out of one, an arty BOGOF if you like. After finishing the rose part of the drawing, it quickly got scanned for all-purposes, and then returned to the desk, for the dagger to be painted, and extra leaves added. I couldn't scan the result as it was too big, and anyway, Mike was having problems with his 'padding' so he didn't have time ( I have problems with my padding too- are jeans getting smaller?!) So I took a photo, which will account for the colour discrepancies. I feel harmoniuos and at one with the world now, as I feel that this image sums up romance and intrigue succinctly. Whoa...hang on and hold the bus.... is that reminiscent of a tattoo?
Lordy. There I go again.
Before I sign off and head for what other people have been up to in blogland, I have to mention my friend. She has spent the last 2 years designing her new website and it has finally gone live, which is very exciting. Her name is Cate Alfano and her webby is www.atmospheric-art.co.uk (you'll have to copy and paste the url- I can't remember the html for links!) Her work is computer generated and quite 'other-worldly' but she still retains a traditional feel to her paintings. She'd love to see you over there. If you like colour, you'll love this site... enjoy!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New book cover....

Just found an extremely quick way of publishing posts... press enter after you have tapped your title in! Hey presto, an immediate post with no content whatsoever, which wasn't quite what I had in mind. A wee bit too minimalist for my liking- I've gotten fond of my waffle. Luckily there's an edit button to remedy the phantom posting, so let's get talkative!
I have spent most of the day finishing off the idea for the book cover I mentioned previously. The original cover has a silhouette photo of a bloke running, with a sniper sight nearby. Which is fine... but the book is essentially a love story/ thriller, and this cover was only appealing to men ( and possibly woman with PMT!) So I have tried to redress the balance with a storytelling picture that has heavy elements of romance, but with a healthy dose of intrigue too. The photos are of various stages of development along with the original cover- and not brilliantly taken, but they give you an idea of what's what. There is still no definite on the font styles and colours yet, that will be the next stage, if/once (?!) the image is approved. I am genuinly pleased with how it has gone, and I especially like the image reaching round the whole book. What do you think? Over to you! I'm off to start on the sequel...

p.s. extra Brownie points if you can spot the typo on the book blurb!