Saturday, 18 April 2009

Seascape update...


Many apologies for screeching like a banshee, or a Moldovan wedding dancer if you prefer, but I just had to get it out of my system! What a week indeedy. The commission has been done and dusted and gone on to pastures anew. I have an appointment to see if I can get some work accepted at the British Academy of Arts, for a forth-coming exhibition of nudes they will be running ( yes! I am nervous about it, but there is no point in being shy at my age!) We have also managed to get the Bath and West Show again, which will be ideal for advertising the Gallery/Workshop to the fullest ( and make some pennies of course) which is by far more productive than sticking an advert in a magazine. And....yep, there's more!.... got another commission for a lovely big seascape in soft greys. Time for a spot of tmesis I think- 'Hoo-flippin'-Rah! That's celebratory enough. 

Posted is an update of the work in progress on the easel. My puddlescape is now looking more like a seascape, and more recognisable- which is good. 'Only the skies to go' she wafted airily! 


Norma Pugh said...

Lovely brooding painting - look forward to seeing the finished article. Good luck with the British Academy of Art in Bath. We are sure they will love your nude. All love Mems and Peps XX

Serena said...

Thank you tray boocoop, Mems and Peps! Will let you know as soon as we walk back out of the place!!! Good or bad! Hopefully the seascape will be finished by the end of next week- got lots more to be getting on with! xxx

~Babs said...

"What a week indeedy"
What an understatement!
Whew! Congrats girl, it's all SO exciting! Wishing you all the best in ALL of it,,,you deserve it all,,,you work so hard.
Now be reeeeel careful on that sky,,,don't forget and cover too many of the drips.
It's lookin fabulous!

Serena said...

Bless you very kindly Babs!! It IS one of those weeks alright! Makes up for some of the slower ones!!
I had another couple of people praising the drips at the workshop- I may have to do another one as pure 'dripart!'
Oooh- there's a thought..! :o)

~Babs said...

just sayin hi,,,,
I drop in now & again to make sure I haven't missed anything!

Serena said...

Heya Babs! I have just noticed you are on my followers list!! Hello dear Lady and welcome aboard!!!! :o)