Saturday, 9 April 2011

Big stage whisper Sshhhh!...........

I am trying not to speak in anything above a whisper and am on tippy toes stealing through my own blog.... hoping that no one will notice that there has been a rather large absence of blogging from this quarter, while i set about rectifying the tardiness. Anyone who knows me will realise the quietness will not last... in fact I can feel a song and dance routine coming on already, with full orchestra backing and at least four score of tap-dancing elephants... well, it is so nice to be back blogging!
Posted are two pictures i have finished working on. I have had a small resurgence on local scenes recently, living as i do in a very picturesque town. I also figured tourist season is nearly here as well, so my subject choice wasn't entirely for aesthetics! The town bridge pictured is in acrylics, a medium I do no use enough. The colours are so bright and handle completely differently to my usual oils so it was a happy change for me. The other picture is a pet portrait commission of a lovely little fellow called Scamp. I was really pleased how this turned out, as were his owners. Luckily I didn't have to do his tail.... it was always a blur of wagging!


Anonymous said...

Ah... how lovely to have you back! Not that you really ever left me! Love the new layout of the Blog and the work speaks for itself... even better than before.

Serena said...

please tell everyone I didn't pay you to say that!

Thank you for all your support and gentle cajoling to bring out the best..... x