Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Abbey Mill watercolour

Another watercolour of a building in Bradford on Avon. I think I am in danger of cultivating a style. That will never do. That is tantamount to being almost respectable in art terms!
Also shown are a brace of commissioned lamps. A lady came in with her wallpaper and asked if I could do something similar to match her decor... well I could and I did! So there is another service on offer at Serenarts ( and if I can get enough wallpaper swatches I can redecorate!)


~Babs said...

Serena, I am fascinated with those lamps! Are they made of some sort of semi-translucent paper?
(sorry for my ignorance)
I always love your architectural
paintings,,,if you just had a style,,,,

Serena said...

Hello Babs! They are made from glass but have a frosted finish which helps the paint key on better. I am looking for new blanks really for the lamps, because they are now just painted white over the glass (manufacturers trying to keep their costs down)- which more often than not reacts to the specialist varnishes i use. It's a game!! If only i could make my own! Thank you for the lovely comments as ever lol xxx