Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Boats at evening time.....

Oish- I am going to have to come up with less camera glare and a better title than that. I am also going to have to come up with some mooring ropes for the boats too, can't have them drifting off downstream with no particular place to go. Took me ages to paint this considering the size. Again, detail will have to be added when the painting has dried off a little, in the meantime I can go back and sort out the toenails on my previous nude (hmm! I sound like a salacious pedicurist, not an image I am wont to promote.) This was quite a fiddly oil painting as there is a lot of content in such a small space (the canvas is 12x10,) so the next one is going to be bigger.
And only one boat.
A small boat.
Way, way, WAY in the distance.
In fact, I hear rafts are trendy at the moment.
Only joking- I'm going to paint all 60 ships in the Battle of Trafalgar onto a pinhead next. Now that, folks, would keep me quiet for a bit!

Maybe............ !

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Norma Pugh said...

Now you are on my wavelength. Really like the soft colours but agree a mooring rope or two might help to keep the boats in the picture! Keep them coming. Love Mems and Peps XX