Thursday, 17 April 2008

A small nod to Mr Mondrian....

New boat painting is coming along nicely and I am nearly ready now for the West Wilts Art Trail hosted bi-annually by a local group called The Cloth Road Artists. A very friendly chap called Alan Spark has a lovely glass studio in the heart of Bradford on Avon and showcases lots of local talent (me included!) there. He has bagsied his spot on 'the trail' and generously given over a whole section for me to showcase the Art Deco pieces I produce. In fact it was him that started that side off. My hubby and I dropped some work off to see if he was interested in taking it on and he mentioned could I do any 'neo-plasticism' pieces? 'Why of course" we said as one, all smiles. We shot off home and immediately Googled what it all meant! Ha! I've never looked back. This last piece is of a mirror done in the Mondrian style. I know purists will say 'Sacrilege! Circles!' but I happen to think circles are more harmonious than the straight lines he favoured. It's a completion thing, I guess. I'll be sure to let him know when I meet up with him. Maybe we can arm-wrestle for the point up in the clouds one day. I digress as ever.

Here's a bit of the Cloth Road blurb......

Cloth Road Artists will run the third Cloth Road Arts Week this year between Saturday 3rd May and Sunday 11th May 2008. This one promises to be the best to date. The nine day week opens a window on the tremendous diversity and range of visual creativity in West Wiltshire and will showcase some 80 artists and makers at 34 different venues, many in their own studios.

Most venues will be open from 11am to 6pm each day and all are free.

Artists will take part in different locations in West Wiltshire, from galleries in town centres to individual studios in the heart of the countryside. Many artists will join together to offer a variety of different work at a single location. For more information visit

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Norma Pugh said...

Neo-plasticism - wow! I am impressed. Like the mirror very much. Good luck with the Cloth Road Artists. Love Mems and Peps XX