Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rain stopped play......

Having spent the last week or so hunched over toxic solvent based glass paints all in the name of art (and money, of course) I decided enough was enough. The studio smells like a glue sniffer's paradise and I am worried about rheumy-eyed, slack-jawed, hoody-wearing delinquents camping outside. I fear I've become a cheap date however- for £1.95, a 15 ml bottle of Kelly Green gives you all the symptons of a great(?) night out without actually imbibing. Slurred words, inane conversation, mood swings and complimentary blinding headaches all for a mere snip! Joy. So I made a dash for it.
Over on 'Off the Wall Art' last week, Babs posted a blog pointing out this lively and energetic abstract artist, Jonas Gerard. As soon as I had watched the YouTube video of him working away, I knew at some point in my life I just had to have a go. He jiggles and dances his way through the whole painting process, chucking paint around with wild abandon and happy good-naturedness. Although I prefer to work my art in a detailed way, something must be said for the sheer feel good factor of cutting loose and going bananas. Today was the day, so I made up a big canvas (70"x20") and set up outside in the lovely autumnal afternoon sunshine. Cue 'head' music ( I didn't want anyone to know I was outside and no one can hear if you get a case of the mondegreens!) ranging from Lark Ascending , morphed into Blue Monday with a hefty lump of Under Pressure for good measure, and I was off (.... off my trolley, more like.) The songs weren't working though, I needed to remember some real hip shakers to wriggle around to whilst daubing. The Sugababes popped in, Pointer Sisters, Yes sir I can boogie... I haven't shaken my 'booty' in anger since 1994! The paint went flying on, here, there, everywhere. Both hip replacements were popping, squeaking and groaning like a rusty pair of castanet accompaniments, but I didn't care! Throw another dollop on! I was on the second rendition of 'Push the button', when it happened.
Plip plop.
I looked up, and whoomph! Deluge. Thunder, lightening and hailstones (pictured) replaced the sunshine in seconds. I heard my husband say "what the bloody hell have you done to the weather, woman!" from the safety of indoors, as I struggled to get a six foot painting out of harms way. On reflection, what I imagined were sassy, with it, cool dance moves actually turned out to be a corker of a Rain Dance. I wonder if Jonas Gerard ever gets that problem? I did however achieve what I originally set out to do, as a dousing of ice cold rainwater is every bit as envigorating as a spot of Plein Air in the sunshine. I know which I prefer though.


Norma Pugh said...

Pepe says he is not sure about the painting yet but loves the writing. Please stop the rain dance, we have had enough. Love Mems and Peps

Serena said...

LOL! Another good reason to hang up the dancing shoes! If Pepe puts one hand over an eye, squints really hard and steps back 50 mtrs he can make believe that there is a golf ball in the middle of the painting!!! That'll work, no?! Oh alright then!! xxxxxx

ian gordon said...

ah but where would art be without all those little smells.

I absolutely love the smell of linseed oil.

Serena said...

Definitely a nicer niff (good for cholesterol too, by all accounts!) My cat used to sit almost on top of my arms when using oils, looking beatific. If I turned my back for a second that, would be it!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, btw- it can't be easy stooped over a keyboard with such a bad back. Hope it all frees up asap. :o)


Good for you!
Your inner child came out to play with Jonas's!
I can see you boogy-ing all around with brush & spray bottle in hand,,,,,WOO-HOO!!
Go 'rena go!
Dratted rain,,,you had such a great start there too,,,throw up a tarp & finish it indoors!
Super post!

Serena said...

Hello Babs! Look what you started! It was such fun- and much needed too! I'll finish it tomorrow, while my current oil painting is resting up- a great way to start the weekend! Thank you for the nudge in the right direction, as it is really important to enjoy yourself every now and again! Have fun too! :o)