Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Freeform tabletops (new range)...

It's been all go today, and we're also settling in for a long night's work here, too- which of course isn't a problem when you've got those creative juices flowing (it's when you haven't that it's a struggle!) Pictured are two tabletops for starters. I use oil based glass paints for these, and just freestyle "draw" the paints on from a pipette. The whole lot moves around on it's own accord, so you have to make sure your desk is well and truly level! I tried out two of these at my earlier show, which got snapped up immediately. Thought I'd do a couple more for the next one in December. The vase pictured is a new style I have found, and for this I have used alcohol inks. I think it gives a lovely watercolour effect no other glass paints can recreate. The photo was taken whilst the sun was beating through the window today, so if you can't tell what it's poppies in a field! It's a whopper too, standing at 80cms high. Can you imagine the size of the flowers you'll need to put in it? Not your average posy, that's for sure!



Such diverse talents reside in you Serena Girl,,,,I am always amazed!
Those table tops are divine,,,I can see them sitting in a really sunny room.
(and again, amazing)

Serena said...

Bless you Babs.
Yes, these are definitely better with the sun on them... probably not a great business venture in grey ol' Blighty, but that's never stopped me! One of these was headed off to a ladies boudoir too... a coquettish little tortoiseshell number!

And as for the diversity thing... I'm pretty sure it stems from a scattered brain! Or an overwhelming desire never to feel stuck in a rut again, or even that I was one of those lucky kids who's school ran a great art program with everything going on- just don't ask my husband! He'll tell you about my low threshhold of boredom and that I have an attention span of a goldfish! And he's not wrong!! :o)


heh heh relating to that attention span comment.