Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bradford on Avon in the snow part 2!

At the risk of looking like I haven't done a jot of work all day (moi?!) here are a few of the photos I took before settling down to a day of marbling and painting. The atmosphere as I walked around was truly uplifting and joyous. The local schools were shut and roads to work impassable, so child and adult stood together for an impromptu hookie day in the snow! Tomorrow will be time enough to post workings, but for now... enjoy!

( my favourite has to be the duck....I wonder if the others will tell her that she 'has a little something on her top lip? )


Norma Pugh said...

They are beautiful pictures. I love the duck with snow on the beak too. The canal boats look great - wonder if anyone is living in them in this weather. I particularly like the Tithe Barn and the reflections in the water. You must have a great camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Mems and Peps XX

Serena said...

Hello Mems and Peps-
some of the boats are certainly in use....brrrr! There was a note on one saying ' sorry can't move, due to propeller trouble'- when all of them were stuck fast in the ice! Slightly superfluous I think!
And Oh! Don't I have a lovely camera -sorry- WE have a lovely camera (I keep forgetting I'm supposed to share!) XX

~Babs said...

I thought it was going to be hard to choose one over the other, until I got to that tight shot of the thistle(?). That one just makes me sigh. It is soooo,,, well, I don't have the words right now, it just really feels good!
Great reflections in the water and trees one too,,,that's my second pick I think.
Please,,,tell me a bit about the canals,,,if you have a minute. I've seen lots about them here on your blog, but know nothing about them.Thanks Serena,,,so glad you had a day of Hookie & could take these for us!

~Babs said...

I feel I should say hello to Mems and Peps,,,,I see them so often here, maybe it's time we met!!
Hellooooo there, so nice to meet you. I traveled over to your blog to say hello,,,,but nobody's home!

Serena said...

Mornin' Babs!
I'm not much of a historian ( anything over 5 mins old and it has gone from the memory banks!) but I can waffle on regardless! The area we live in has spent some considerable time and money opening and renovating back, up the Kennet and Avon Canal system which had fallen into major disrepair. The work has reaped dividends and totally revitalized the leisure and tourism around here. Even in winter the canal is busy- there are lots of special features to keep people interested like The Dundas Aquaduct (beautiful and practical engineering at its best IMHO), the 29 (yes!29!!) locks at Devizes, and a host of canalside pubs, restauants and marinas all nestled in the wonderful West Country scenery. There is a strong community here of people who live and work on their boats as well as the holidaymakers. The valley our bit of canal sits in boasts an unrivalled phenomenon- if you stand at the top looking down, you can see a road, the railway line, the canal and towpath, and the river.... all the major transport routes in one place.
And now I've run out of gen and waffle!!
I'm glad you like the photos- it would be my utmost pleasure to send you the large file size of the thistle on it's own. If you want, email me at... and I can use the reply button and attach the picture. I love sharing... "art for all, and all for art" etc (unless of course it's my camera, or liquorice twists!) you can look at it to your heart's content then XXX

Serena said...

Dear Babs part two!!! Mems and Peps are our lovely parents ( Mike's Mum and Dad) who actually made up a blog profile so as to support us and post nice comments- and also because it's great fun to join in and share!! X