Saturday, 7 February 2009

The first of many

We had a nice day's trading today- and sold an oil painting I had completed of the Bradford on Avon Bridge ( the Lock-up view) a few months earlier. It had been pointed out in the community website too unawares, so from our point of view it has been a good boost  for a local artist painting a local scene... exactly the criteria the customer was after. I now have a 'hole to fill' on the wall which means I can blow the dust off my filberts and get on with another oil. It feels such a time ago that I am genuinely looking forward to it... there is just this matter of finishing off with these 'few' silk blanks I ordered in.

I need to grow another set of arms....


Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Serena
Thank you for visiting my blog and following.
Seeing your blog and the comprehensive amount of work shows you are very talented. I look forward to see and following all your postings.
Kind Regards

Serena said...

Thank you very much Trevor, and a warm welcome aboard. Your blog caught my eye for the way you use light- fantastic paintings. I look forward to more too. See you soon!

chrisbellinger said...

Hi Serena!
thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, glad you liked the post!
perhaps you could employ a studio Assistant!

Serena said...

Lol! Are you after a job then Chris?!! :o)

~Babs said...

Have fun 'filling that hole'!
Look at the gorgeous silks,,,I know you're enjoying that!

Serena said...

Thanks Babs!
Painting can be only a pleasure!