Friday, 15 May 2009

A 'prolific' posting!

I awoke early this morning in one of those wide-awake-eyes-focused-crystal-clear-headed-compus-mentis-moments that really sets a day up beautifully right from the word go. It ranks alongside having a 'cool pillow fashioned into a perfect position' and slipping into 'freshly laundered bedding after a long bath' as other bedtime favourites. I managed to wait at least 25 minutes before subtly fidgeting enough to wake my gently snoring husband. Mission accomplished, I snuggled in closer all smiles and morning warmth. "You stink!" he said unceremoniously.

To be totally fair, he was talking of the invasive stench of solvent smells coming from downstairs where I have been using the kitchen as an overflow second work studio, and not my personal toilette routine (or lack of it!) The fumes I am able to ignore successfully as I am used to them, but Mike has really suffered- headache and blocked sinuses were his wake up call instead. He soon rallied though and reasoned that 'as it was all my fault, then I had to make him a coffee in bed... and get the headache pills.... and bring his laptop to him...' With a cheeky glint in his (slightly inflamed) eye he also said  'Oh! And I would like some melon scooped into little balls for my breakfast, and then I will forgive you!' I laughed and pottered off after seeing to the first 3 demands. On a whim I curiously rooted around at the back of the kitchen drawer and found..... a melonballer! The joy! Which explains one of the photos above. The rest are all table tops and lamps in various stages of drying, festooning our kitchen sides with liquid jewel colours. It's a hive of creativity in there readying for the show coming up. As a wee bonus we HAD to have a take away in the evening as I have covered every inch of surface, including the cooker, so who says women arn't so good at spatial relations? Mine worked a treat!

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