Saturday, 9 May 2009

Busy girl.....

Only a short posting as time is somewhat precious at the moment. The grains of sand are sliding away far too fast for my liking down through my little egg-timer. As you've probably noticed I have used that old chestnut of 'padding out' with photos and waffle... a winning combo when pushed, I feel! The Bath and West show is nearly upon us and that is taking up most of the working day (and evening...zzzz) trying to get enough stock for the gift side of our business. Oils and watercolours are on hold for a while, but I am also inundated with commissions too, so no rest for the wicked, heh? The commissions are a diverse mix too from pencil drawings of pets to oil seascapes, lamp with 50 poppies for a birthday and a glass 'mind your head' notice (that's the duck or grouse picture!)

Variety is the spice of life and all that.

The tables with their painted tops are proving really popular so I always seem to have a few of them on the burner now- we are taking lots to the Show while we are on a roll. I am also in the middle of painting lots more silk tops and sarongs for the Bath and West initially, but if they don't make an impact will sit happily in our place after the show. In fact if the show doesn't go to well due to lower spending etc., then I will have lots of finished stock for the gallery shop to dip into over the summer season. Hoorah for that.

Oh, and one last thing before I screw my leg on.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!! Have a good'un! 


~Babs said...

Oh, I am running,,,panting,,,trying to keep up,,,
Makes me breathless, your energy does,,,
you must be a machine!
The Art Machine,,,
That's it, a Stephen King Art robot.
(love the poppies)

Serena said...


I'm too clumsy and happy to be a SK robot- the Langoliers will catch me! Bit more of a Wall.E (wally!) one I think!! Lol!

AllisonNoelle said...

I adore that lamp. Its beautiful. :-)

Serena said...

Welcome Allison and thank you for commenting! Luckily the person commissioning it liked it too!
Love your blog btw- beautifully written :o)