Friday, 12 June 2009

Large seascape in oils........ 5' x 3'

I would like to say that this is the current painting drying on my desk... but it is so large that it is hanging over the end. Makes getting a brew on somewhat tricky! I like doing these big ones every so often, ( even more so when, like this, it is a commission) as I get to stretch my arm out and get lost in the sheer joy of applying paint. Another joy of the larger canvas is that I get to hide behind it at the workshop!  That left me the peace and quiet to daydream away where I had what I think was, a great idea. This idea came after about half an hour of standing on tiptoes, arm at full 'starting to shake with effort' stretch,  cloud painting... 

how does ' a TELESCOPIC filbert' sound?  A handy aid to helping you get to the parts of paintings no brush has gone before etc. Any takers? It would be an adaptive idea that could be used with all types of paintbrushes. What do you think? 'Shreen's Stretchy Stick' has a certain ring, I feel. 

Seriously though, having a painting on the go is a welcome talking point for visitors coming in to the gallery. I'd recommend this tactic for starting off numerous conversations with people as an icebreaker! Works a treat.  I still have some waves to paint in and some more highlights to pick out, but you can certainly see the general idea. Enjoy!


~Babs said...

Well, of course it's gorgeous,,,,I'd expect nothing less, as you always have spectacular seascapes!
All this,,,and an illustrator,,,
and a layer of floors,,,,
Spectacular idea, by the way, though it's been a long time since I painted that large, I recall the frusration.
Can you imagine the dough you could rake in on Ebay?

Serena said...

Thank you Babs!
I've got to be honest.... I was more of a floor layer's assistant, and strike the 'istant' off that! More of a hindrance really than a help!!
Ahh, ebay! I haven't dabbled in an age- all that '99p and no reserve!' fun- this time next year we could become millionaires! :o)

Serena said...

How about, instead of the telescopic brush... Pugh's Painting Pogo Stick!! Marvelous for those hard to reach top bits and great for keeping fit!
Love you loads darling.
Your hubby!

Norma Pugh said...

Love the gold in the sky! Think Pugh's Pogo Painting Stick is brilliant idea. Hope to see you soon. Love Mems and Peps xx
P.S. May have to commission you soon.

Serena said...

Love you too! XXX 777 XXX

Serena said...

Dear Mems and Peps,
not sure if your son was being euphemistic or not...... he swears he wasn't!!! Glad you like the colours- think this is definitely your type of painting! Love you, xxx