Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ah.... but is it art?

The prodigal has returned! Apologies for lack of posts recently, but when a girl is busier than an umbrella firm during our summer, then you know something has to give. Alas, the blog 'bought it' for a while. I have had so much to say and show you all, but that was days ago and I have moved on from all the gossip of shows, commissions and wotnot now. If I don't write about things in the moment then I'm afraid it gets consigned to my erratic memory banks for eternity, while I concentrate on the new ( that's a round about way of saying there is only room in my head for one thing at a time! )
Seamless link alert... Ahem, 'talking of new' (did you like that? No visible joins hey?!) the photos I have posted above are the current creative bent that I have found myself engrossed in. I am most sincerely an avid photograph taker, and find great pleasure in lining up a view, setting a scene with light, capturing a split second of life, the finding the beauty in the natural etc, with my camera. I am quite a traditionalist as you have probably garnered from my art postings, so was pleasantly surprised that I found myself enjoying 'altering' and blending photos together, or just bending colours around to suit. The cynic in me says this is just another commercial route to keep the roof over my head but that is only 49% - the other 51% just loves to keep on creating in whatever way, shape or form it may take. I also still have all the associated memories of taking these pictures au natural, as well as the bonus of a sense of achievement by making something new. Whatever your views on altered art I would greatly appreciate your feedback about the photos- and it's o.k. as I am after all, a big girl now!


~Babs said...

Well of course it's ART!
Don't you sometimes just hate how things/ideas/acts/people seem to have to be labeled? Like everything has to fit into a little pocket? Or the proper slot?
These are all wondrous photos, and I so adore that little bird on the branch.My head doesn't wrap around the technology required for altering, restructuring, etc., but I really admire it.
Photography is very creative,,,or can be, with the lens in the right hands. Once in a blue moon I get lucky and get a really great photo,,,but not often. Applauding yet another of your many talents, Serena; great shots!

Serena said...

Hello Babs! (Sorry- been away!) I too have a bug bear about being pigeon holed... there is too much diversity in life to neatly stack things away! And I'm quite sure if I can't neatly order my mind, then how is anyone else going to make sense of the things I do?!
As for the altering mularky, my ever patient husband has been trying to teach me photoshop over the last 4 years, so I think it was about time I showed some fruit of his labours!! It was tough love though... he rightly wouldn't do any of it for me when I was stuck! Made me go through everything step by step agian until I remembered what I was supposed to do!
And as I always say- if I can do it............ !! x

Ian said...

Difinitely Art Serena - and very good too. Love the setting sun one.

Looks like you need to teach us how to use photoshop.

(PS I sent an e-mail to you regarding canvas prints, but havent got a reply - did you receive it? Sorry to talk shop)

Serena said...

Bless you for the kind comments Ian! And I am so glad you talked shop, because we haven't received any emails from you. I don't know when you sent anything, but a while back our hosting company lost their servers. This did affect us quite badly for several days... maybe this is what happened to your communications? Would it be alright if you could re write to us, as everything has been fine since then. Our email is info@serenarts.com (or .co.uk)
Lovely to hear from you again and for you to comment. Hopefully we will receive an email from you also very shortly :o)

chrisbellinger said...

like the bridge lots It would look very good enlarged and simply framed.
Got your underlining sorted isee!
You might like my latest offerings to blogworld as the are photos as well!
also yes it is art Fine art because Photographs are images and ideas..Quite a few Fine artists at Uni were into photography! and based there work on this.FINE ART IS A BROAD CHURCH!

Serena said...

Hi Chris
really like your phrase 'fine art is a broad church' got a nice ring to it!
I didn't do a thing about the underlining problem- it just went away when I wasn't looking. Good old Blogger glitch I think!
Glad you like the bridge one- it seems to be quite a favourite amongst family and friends. It's funny you said it would look good enlarged..... all my photos are printed off and mounted to a super A3 size. ( and only £20- bargain!!) I think it is a great statement size for people's walls.