Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Illuminating the world......

It's not because I have been too lazy to write that this blog has fallen silent. Quite the opposite. I haven't even been able to work in the gallery workshop, having instead to turn our kitchen into a drying rack for christmas stocks of lamps. And more lamps. And a few more on top. There is well over fifty now waiting for discerning people to fall in love with and all sorts of styles and designs to choose from- because you must know what I am like by now. We reclaimed the kitchen at the weekend, so now down at SerenArts if all the new lights are switched on it is theoretically possible to see us from space. We glow! A very attractive sight on a cold November day.
Isn't it funny how some things go in cycles? Sometimes I have a commission for say, a dog portrait, and this then triggers of a small spate of other dog portraits. Or someone may buy a handful of the glass cards I do... and then suddenly the whole world and it's Mum are buying them up. This week already I have been asked to do a commission of one of my paintings that has already been sold ( pictured above because I clean forgot to take a photo of the national lamp mountain, in my relief at finally finishing!) The client in question, and quite rightly in my humble opinion, didn't want a mere print so asked for me to paint another similar one. I have no problem with that! Strangely though I now have another request- this time to 'copy' for wont of a better word, a Modigliano that is out of copyright, and has been manipulated in photoshop to change the colours. Not my cup of tea and it will be odd painting in someone else's style... but I may actually learn new techniques from a proper master... and the pennies come in useful of course. Watch this space!


Norma Pugh said...

Love it! The soft blues are beautiful with her dark hair. Looking forward to seeing the Modigliani! Can just imagine the little flood-lit Gallery. Santa will be sure to drop in and lots more too I hope. Love Mems and Peps XX

Serena said...

Dear Mems and Peps,
I'm going to start bribing Santa with grog and mince pies I think! Thank you muchly as ever for the lovely comments xx