Sunday, 25 October 2009

Last illustrations of Charlotte Khan...... 'til the next book!

Can't think, brain's dumb.
Inspiration won't come.

Some days the words just flow onto the page- and other days like this I really struggle to say anything coherent or interesting. Doesn't stop me though as you may have noticed. Here are the last of the illustrations for Julie's (Mulholland) new children's book. All that is left is to go back through the pictures and grey in areas of interest and then process them for the publisher. 'Easy peasy' the computer bit because I hand that over to my long-suffering husband. 'Look Ma, no hands!' I cry, and I never seem to mind if he's busy or not.... I'm good that way. Barring a localized disaster all should be of to the printers in time for Christmas. How wonderfully exciting! Watch this space as they say.....
More good news to pass on. I mentioned in an earlier post of putting a picture into the Bath Prize competition, not expecting to win but more in hope of selling. Well I didn't win but have just had a lovely email saying my work had sold. Hurrah for that I say! I wonder if it went to one of the houses I drew in the Bath scene? I'd love to know.........................

Talking of Bath - seamless link alert - here's a little free advertising for a forthcoming event ( aren't I lovely?!)

An exhibition of water crystal photographs by Dr Masaru Emoto, is accompanied by Dr Emoto himself, who will be speaking at the Roman Baths, on 17th November 2009, on The Secret Power of Water. The world renowned researcher, who photographs water crystals, illustrates how human vibrations effect the external environment.
Tickets are available from the Bath Festival office on 01225 463362. Doors open at 7pm for the exhibition, the talk starts at 8pm.


~Babs said...

Always wonderful,,,a sale!

I love these illustrations, Serena,,so many of them bring to mind my daughter when she was young,,,,early teens. Especially the drama of those girls all crying together,,they were always sooooo dramatic with the emotions! (sigh),,,sometimes I really miss those days. Thanks for the memories,,,there was even one of a lobster, believe it or not.Not exactly like what you've pictured,,but it sure took me down the old memory lane!

~Babs said...

Oh, ps:
I am bringing the magic carpet round to meet you at the good doctor's talk!

Serena said...

Dear Babs,
I passed your comments onto Julie today when we met. I told her how this stirred the memories for you- which is exactly why she was writing... memories to cherish between her and her daughter. She was so pleased to hear the same feelings evoked in you. I hope you don't mind me name dropping on you- but it was all in a good cause!
As for the Water Doctor- I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of him.... but have been the biggest convert to water since ducks! I'll keep your place warm!! :o)

~Babs said...

I am honored, Serena,,,that you told her.
and pssst: I'd never heard of the good doctor either, but find the whole concept to be fascinating.