Sunday, 31 January 2010

''Amber Wilderness''- glass painted landscape

Hot off the desk ( and a highly messy, paint strewn one at that) is the latest offering. I had a little experiment with the size of frame here, opting for a long, thin one instead of my more traditional sized portrait-style picture. I also chose to use glass paints this time ... for no other reason than to shake myself up a bit. I am getting quite good in my middle age of just settling into a routine ( except where exercise is concerned!) and staying in my self-imposed rut. So a different approach was taken this time to blow away the cobwebs. I have noticed over the years that this slim orientation sells quite well as it fits neatly over fireplaces etc..... that's the theory anyway. Let us see if it gets put into practice!

(Painting 35'' x 10'')


~Babs said...

Well I certainly wish I could see this one in the real.The colors are among some of my very favorites,,and from what I can see on Big-o-vision, the transparency is just mesmerizing.Interesting format, and interesting that it sells well.
I've never worked with glass paints,it's very intriguing.
Does my heart (and eyes) good to see your wonderful visions again Serena,,,carry on!!

Serena said...

Bless you Babs! I'm glad you like the colours- we can't go wrong with browns and blues heh?! A goodly marriage I think.
I enjoy the glass paints as they lend themselves to mixing and moving around- and give great abstract results..... something I know you are fantastic at :0)

Chris Bellinger said...

Liked your glass painted lsndcspe very much Glad to see you are still creating away!!

Norma Pugh said...

Love this one Shreen. Only just discovered you are blogging again.
Will check regularly to keep you on your toes. Love Mems XX