Monday, 2 May 2011


Every now and again the sun shines and the wind abates long enough to feel it. Every now and again you revisit places and remember why you return.

It has been at least two months since the camera has come out in anger. My husband and I played hookie from the Gallery, and took a day to walk round Bowood Gardens. We have been to various parts of the grounds several times over the years, from doing shows to just getting some energy off the children as they were growing.... but we have never been just for ourselves to take a leisurely stroll in the warm.
It is beautiful. Soft, undulating, emerald green lawns sweep down to a lake teeming with wildlife. The House itself sits at the top of the small hill watching over proceedings, but the joy is the layout of the trees, plants and rocky, hidden walkways through it all. No matter which time of year you go there will be something to look at and admire. We took the long way round and came across a a quirky walled maze of boulders and miniature caves under a canopy of cooling tree tops, following a small stream. And look what we found........

( this photo taken with a long high aperture setting and a four second delay- soft, bright and delicious!)

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