Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Back to work?!.........

We went back to the grindstone today. Well, when I say we, what I actually meant was my husband worked , while I, (and get this!) HAD to read a book for research! Straight up! Am I not the most jammiest, luckiest person? It was a cracking read too! The Iraqi, by Julie Mulholland. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss a possible book cover design, so I thought it only right and proper to check out her work. A quick-paced read, that keeps you going to the last page, with it's adventures. What a way to spend the afternoon! My poor hubby on the other hand, is still catching up with printing orders. However, he is of course Superman, and has now got his new site up and running. If you fancy a nose, check out YourStart .We now are gearing up for a big advertising campaign to get it 'out there'- fingers crossed and all that.
The picture posted is of two more glass panels I have completed- one in blues and greens, the other in tongue-in-cheek leopard spots! I just have to tidy them up ready for the mirrored backings to go on, and Bob's your uncle! Enjoy



Force fed a book, huh? Sounds like a wonderful feeding to me,,,jammies & all that!
Glass panels lookin' good too!

Serena said...

The luck of some people heh?!! What with holidays and lazy reading days, I am really struggling to get back into the swing of grafting properly- I think I need a big project like you have going, to chivvy me along! :o)