Friday, 19 September 2008

I'll huff and I'll puff.....

I invented a new drink today. Coke zero with gold coloured 'perfect pearls' iridescent powder. It looked lovely- didn't taste too good though! Oh, the joys of card-making today. And why did I have golddust in my drink? Simple really. Clarinet lessons when I was 11. All I had to do was gently blow the powder onto the wet paint (Ha! That just has to be said in a Michael Caine accent!) Instead I think I gave the Solar winds a run for their money. It went everywhere, and more besides. However, if you ask my hubby, he'd say it was because of my big breaths, boom boom, 'cause he's funnier than me! He too has been working on cards all day- personalised Christmas cards for businesses etc. Sigh.
Whatever happened to summer?

P.S. A big high 5 to Babs for starting something funny off!!!
And of course her lovely comments- I am still chuckling away! Babs- your the coolest!! TC x




chrisbellinger said...

I like waht you have shown though not cleare as to how it is made!
i have shown some more local photos on my blog and tomorow you may get to Warblington Church!

Serena said...

LOL, Babs!!

I use microscope slides and glass paint them, to glue onto the front of blank card stock. All unique, and a great talking point! I will pop over and see your pics- I haven't been to church for ages!!