Saturday, 1 November 2008

Vettriano who?!

Well now. Hasn't it been a week for offensive remarks? First we had Sachsgate rearing it's ugly head, then we had some Vettriano vitriol volleying about.
I really like his style of work and technique, if not the subject matter. His paintings are beautifully crafted and polished off to perfection, however, singing butlers don't really feature in my world, and his depicted people all look like they have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives- again, not something that features strongly in reality either! There is no denying the beauty of his paintings though. Which is why I was a little surprised when he said 'No' to the National Galleries of Scotland as regards a portrait of Monty. The 'No' wasn't a problem, it was the nasty "I don't do men with breasts." Charmless.
Monty's reply? "Vettriano who?"
No hoo-hah ensued, and in the non-existant aftermath I realised I wasn't as snobby as Jack, so...
if the National Galleries of Scotland are reading this.... I 'do' men, and love boobs. Make of that what you will! I have a couple of things to finish off, but January is looking good, O.K?
Pictured are two WIPs- the first is the latest on the large abstract that I mentioned previously as homage to Jonas Gerard. The second is a variation of the big grey seascape. I experimented with the base colour under the oils in more of a drastic manner than I felt comfy with, but it has worked. More by luck than judgement, but I'll take it! Have a good weekend all, and remember.... there is a portrait job going up in Scotland (Prudes need not apply!) :o)



I stopped by for a peek earlier, without time to comment.
This is a super great finish to your Jonas adventure,,,so glad you posted it!
Vettriano who?

Serena said...

Lol Babs! I would never have known, if it hadn't been for you. I enjoy learning new things- so a big thank you, my friend.
Right, what's next!!! :o)

harrybell said...

The Vettriano row seems to have passed me by, so thanks for that. But who knew Fieldmarshall Mongomery was known for his breasts? Certainly not I. Or have I got that bit wrong?

Serena said...


No, you're quite correct- Bernard was actually short for Bernardette apparently!! :o)