Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New book cover design....

No time for chit-chat today, I'm busier than a roll of patterned wallpaper from Ikea. I have had time though to sort out the 2nd book cover I have been working on, and 'hoo-flippin-rah' there's not a sniff of Darth Vader in this design! Hopefully the author Julie (Mulholland if you want to check her out!) likes this, as it made a nice change drawing. Right, off to screw my leg on.... my everlasting painting is calling.



Hi Serena!
Ever hear the expression "busier than a one armed paper hanger"?
I loved yours too, heh heh!

Another book cover,,,woo-hoo!
However do you get these commissions? What a great thing!
And just LOOK at those eyes!

Serena said...

Lol! I have now logged that expression for future use! As for the commissions... I owe it all to a rainy day in the summer, when a certain young lady walked into my exhibition to shelter from the weather! :o)


Serendipity, Serena!
Love it!

Serena said...

LOL! You made me laugh! It sounds like an old western musical name like Calamity Jane! I'm going to be doing Lee Marvin impressions all day now! Altogether now.... "I was boORRNNN unduh a wundrin staRRRH!!!"
Have a fun Monday and a happy week Babs!

Norma Pugh said...

I really like the design Serena. Also, can't wait to read the next book - she had me hooked! Love Mems and Peps

Serena said...

Thank you Mems and Peps- a much better design than the previous effort! I'll be sure to let Julie know your comments too, I know she'll be pleased! Take care, and thank you for all the checking of the new website over the weekend! xxxx