Thursday, 20 November 2008

Whitehill, Bradford on Avon part2 (Diptych)

"Lovely painting, rubbish jigsaw puzzle!"

I have finally finished the second part of the painting. More wet-in-wet technique, as you can tell by the softness. The paintbrush 'bought it' though, becoming little more than a knub. It's such a shame, I am just going to have to replace it. It will need a friend too. I am of course to paintbrushes what Amy Winehouse is to hairspray, but it is my only vice. Well, you can't beat a good filbert can you?

Back to the grindstone..... :o)



Well, I really didn't think you could improve on Part One by adding Part Two,,, but danged if you didn't prove me wrong.I should have known better!
Super terrific diptych!

Oh, and love the crunch creams,,I don't think we have these here,,,thanks so much!
(wiping crumbs off my chin)

Anonymous said...

Like your new paintings very much!
I used your blog as a example of someone commenting when I did a presentation of my work at a Seminar at Uni this week. Your Blog stayed on the screen for a few mins and i kept catching the photo of your husband out of the corner of my eye!it whent well and the feedback on my work was good.
going back to your stuff, I like it when brushes become worn thtas when you get interesting effects!!

Serena said...

Glad you liked the 2nd part Babs! It was fun posting in two halves as it had a sense of sequelitus! I seem to be painting things that begin with 'B' though- boats, buildings, bodies (live ones I hasten to add) and Bradford on Avon. Luckily Babs and biscuits fits in well too, hurrah!! :o)

Thank you for your comments Chris-
you made us laugh heartily about my hubby catching the corner of your eye... he has that effect on me too! We think it is the first time that anyone here at SerenArts has made it to Uni!! Lol! I am really pleased for you that everything is going well, and you are getting good feedback on your course- you must be happy with it all :o)

harrybell said...

This works really well. I like it a lot. Did you paint the two panels separately, or abut them while you worked on them? I did a commission once which involved a 2 x 12 foot painting done in four panels. I found I had to work on them all together (in the garage) at first, but could later work on individual panels, only checking now and again for continuity.

Serena said...

Afternoon Harry- glad you like it.
I worked on them separately, but they were never far apart from each other. I had to keep checking on roof levels and contrast. I did eventually butt them together for the final once over 'merger.' Very easy working on my scale- yours must have been a mammoth undertaking! Bet you were pleased when it was finished! :o)


Yep, looks just as good as it did last time!
I always enjoy reading the other comments here also.
So informative!
Oh, and if you decide to paint Babs And Biscuits, be sure to paint me young, okay?

Serena said...

Is there any other way of painting you?!!! Eternally youthful Babs. Not sure if I could paint biscuits- they wouldn't last long enough to draw! x :o)