Sunday, 7 December 2008

Chop, chop, busy, busy......

I have been busy.
Well, we all have here to be fair. Try as I might i cannot take all the credit for working hard. It got so busy on the printing side I had to scrub clean and help out. Anyone would think it was christmas card season, and giving gifts of photo canvases to all! In the midst of all this productivity the new Garden Studio arrived flat packed, with the legend " should take two competent people 4-6 hours to complete." How rubbish do we feel now that three of us have taken 5 days and it's still not finished? Where's Nick Knowles when you need him? It's been cold, wet and thoroughly miserable weather so there was a very small ripple of gratitude when the roof went on, which quickly dissipated from my 6' 3" son. I'm sure his head would take a phrenologist weeks to read there are so many bumps on it. The instructions too have proved wearing. Apparently, the Kensington we ordered is really a Westminster with a verandah attached. I'm thinking of going to London and building a little picket fence with floorboards all around Westminster and renaming it Kensington, and see where that leads oh yes! All this DIY distress will be worth it, as space is becoming a premium here now. This studio will be ideal for displaying glass wares, and hold the new kiln arriving in January (New year, new challenge.) I can play shop too, or just have somewhere else to dolly daydream. Marvellous.
We had our first gallery interview this week and my works were accepted. I can't show until next september when there is space available, but I am still a wee bit excited, I must confess. I always got "you're not what we are looking for, I'm afraid" - without even seeing my work. Those that bothered to reply anyway! Which has just left me with the 'self-exhibiting' (oo er missus, steady on) route. Fine fun indeed, but all has to go back in storage afterwards ready for the next one.
Next one.
Heavens to Betsy, only 5 days now. I better get a wriggle on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Serena!
loved all the paintings!
The seascapes really good and like the waves a lot!
there has been lots of banging in the studio at Uni as a fellow student is building a shed as part of her major project ( instead of a dissertation, she has to do the research and a 3000 word report and presentation, ,so lots of sheds going on !!

Serena said...

Heya Chris, glad you like the seascapes- thought you might somehow!! Thank you for the kind comments too.
Hope Santa brings you ear defenders for Xmas, as I now know from experience just what a racket entails from these projects! It must drive you all mad there!?! Still, when she finishes maybe you could turn it into a mini gallery! Have fun :o)

ian gordon said...

I think the contents of this post define the word Prolific!

And very good news about that gallery interview.

Serena said...

Thank you Ian! Small acorns and all that.
As for being prolific, I am my mother's daughter - the word moderation is not found in our dictionary!

p.s. I like your new style blog and as ever your artwork- must make some time to visit properly later :o)

~Babs said...

GOSH! Looks to me like you've been wiggling all over the place!
So many fine works,,,,so impressive!
OH! Congrats on the Gallery,,,what music to the ears!!

Such an impressive amount of work,,,you are driven,,,and in such a good way!

Serena said...

Hello Babs! Thank you for the lovely comments as ever- I hoped you'd see this post as I thought you might like the abstract glass stuff- lots of slopping, sploshing and dribbling in a jamboree of colours! As for the drive I think it stems from sheer terror at not having anything to show at the exhibition and looking like a dillop! Come the 15th I will be playing naff computer games or getting in my hubby's way... can't wait!!! xxx

~Babs said...

You're so right Serena,,,the glass took my eye immediately!