Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Robin redbreast.....

Finished him. He has a happy face unlike the previous wren picture. That bird looked concerned about something, with a hint of being miffed too. At least this chappie brings with him an air of Christmas cheer. I read somewhere that Chinese postmen are called 'robins' because they wear red jackets as part of their uniform, but it was probably on wikipedia so don't quote me!


~Babs said...

OH! I adore these lil guys!
Would love to be among the lucky on your card list!

Serena said...

Babs, if I could think of a way to get your address without the whole world wide web knowing, it would be my pleasure to send one! The original is going to the exhibition, but I am going to run some little prints on canvas off to pop onto cards for family and friends. If Mems is reading this I have just given away what this year's card is!!! xxxxx