Monday, 15 December 2008

A good time was had........

Well we have made it back in one piece from the exhibition, but the tonne of mince pies and vat of mulled wine didn't! I think people were initially quite taken aback with the idea of a free winter warmer as they perused the art on offer, but given a few seconds all of them were very accommodating to the idea! And can you blame them? It was colder than a snowman's bottom. The picture above is the picnic area next to the West Barn where we were. As you can see another thing Bradford on Avon is noted for is it's flooding. The hills the town is built on is like a giant Aero bar made up of caves. The rain permeates through all of this and ends up at the already swollen river, which then goes pop- and gives me a glorious photo opportunity like this. Isn't he a beauty? The ducks, coots and moorhens struggled with the water flow (every now and again you would see one hurtling past at breakneck speed, looking bemused in an avian manner) but this fellow swept majestically around as if on castors.
Anyhow, I digress as ever. All this talking to lots of people over the weekend has left me with an attack of the verbals which hasn't quite dissipated yet. Coming from my little ivory tower to such a public event can be quite difficult to start with and really shows up the lack of conversational tools I own! The juggernaut gets rolling though, and then I find it hard to stop..... February is looking good! All I really wanted to say, was a really big thank you to everyone who stopped by, looked around and chatted with us. We had another successful show to end the year on, and have taken commissions to start the next year off in an encouraging way. What more can a girl want?
So a very heartfelt

( and for the summer exhibition it'll be Pimms, o.k?!)


Norma Pugh said...

What a photo - loved the idea of the swan on castors! We are so pleased the exhibition was such a success and only sorry we couldn't be there this year. Next year - definitely will be. Congratulations to you both. You deserve it. Love Mems and Peps

Serena said...

Oh but you were there, Mems and Peps! You're never out of our thoughts. Not wanting to wish the months away, can't wait for the next one now!
As for the photo it is the only one left of that weekend, so I'm glad it's a good one. Mike has just stored all my photos away as I have slowed his system down. They were taking up 12.5 GB of space!!! So now there is a lot more room ..... to take more photos. I call that a result! xxx

~Babs said...

Oh, congrats on your exhibition,,,jolly good show! (wish,,,so wish I could have been there)
You, my dear I cannot imagine being at a loss for words,,,conversationally challenged, and all that. You are a MASTER linguist,,,and I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blogwords! (and photos too, of course)

Serena said...

Ha! You made me chuckle Babs!! You put me in mind of a James Bond double entendre there!!! But that's enough of that mularky!! I promise I do get terrribly tongue-tied at times, or, and this is even worse, I say the most bizarre things to people. One man asked to use the toilet, and I replied 'he could, but he wasn't to put anything horrible down it.' What WAS I thinking?!! A proper grown man! His face was a picture. In my head I was thinking about having to pay £900 if the toilet was broken as the hire contract stated (it was one of those Saniflo systems) but I just blurted out total rudeness!! We both went a bit pink and walked off in different directions! My hubby thought it was a hoot and a half, and couldn't stop laughing!
I have a grand idea for the next expo....Skype!! I'll do a virtual tour on the laptop's webcam for you! How funny would that be?! Big hugs, Babs xxx

~Babs said...

You make my day, silly girl!

Serena said...

Now, see,,,, I said I was a lalal!!!! :o)

ian gordon said...

well done on such a good finale to the year.

Best wishes for contionued success in 2009.

Serena said...

Thank you Ian, and all the best to you to. Here's to your collaborations and success :o)