Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A quiet start....

Well, that's the first day over and done with. We had to beat back the throngs of customers and hire donkeys to carry our bulging money bags home for us, it was THAT busy.

Not really.

Two friends popped in during the morning, and I spoke to another couple outside looking for a coffee shop later on, and that was it! I'm ashamed to say I even offered to make a cuppa for them. It was the same for everyone else down there, so we all spent time in each others workshops having a good old chinwag and a proper nose at each others' wares. Tops fun indeed! So while it may not have been the most prosperous day financially, it certainly was for building up friendships. The quiet time was good for catching up on thinking without haste too, and I realised this blog has sailed past it's first birthday without me even noticing. How remiss- I promise I have never done that with my children! 

Altogether now.. Happy Birthday to Blog, happy birthd- yeah, yeah, blah!

Here's to another year x


~Babs said...

Happy one year Serenarts.
You too, Such.

Well, it was a good day. Made some friends, got all settled in. Word will get around, and before you know it it will be bustling.
I surely would have dropped by for a cuppa,,,but with the cost of fuel for my magic carpet,,,well you know how it is!
Allt he VERY best to you OPEN guys!

OH! My security thing says "fantstiko"!!
Now if that's not a good omen I don't know what is!

Serena said...

Ha! You made me laugh Babs! Fantstiko- going to make that word of the day!
I'm going to see if I can weave a smaller, more streamlined magic carpet to beat the credit crunch! What do you reckon?! Money saved cango on nicer biscuits!!! Take care x