Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Plumping up...

It's a bit quiet out. The only thing moving is tumbleweed. Inside is a different matter; it is warm and busy. I enjoy winter's days like this, ensconced cosily with lots to be getting on with. Many people are getting back to painting routines now after the festivities, life clicking back into place. We still feel a bit out of kilter after setting up the new place, but are getting back into the throws of good, honest work. I have picked up the paintbrushes and Mike's back to the virtual grindstone. The craft side of my work is now starting to pad out the smaller areas here, but I think it will be a fortnight before I can start on canvas again. There was also the strange matter of my index finger suddenly developing an independent will of it's own, and pressing a button that ordered some beautiful silks. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
There's nothing for it I suppose... I am just going to have to paint all that too! 


~Babs said...

It all looks so good in here,,,so many things to see, and the light is wonderful in this room.
Tell me, do you do pottery also? This is a really fun plate,,,,and could get one out of the winter blahs. (great for dispay or holding biscuits)
As for that impulsive, impetuous finger,,,bring on the silk! Can't wait to see how you paint it!

Serena said...

Hello Babs! I have only just started doing the pottery (decorating only) as glass is already being sold in one of the other workshops. I'm ok selling the lamps, but that's it really! I'm using pottery to fill the smaller price bracket, and add another dimension to the place- luckily no-one else is doing silk so I get a free reign at that! :o)

~Babs said...

Yep, still lookin' good!