Tuesday, 6 January 2009

'Twas the night before......

Well, it is almost upon us. Come rain or shine (more like sleet and snow) we open our new workshop cum gallery tomorrow. Bar a few minor tweakings we are ready too having worked harder than a handkerchief at flu clinic, for the last couple of days. Our 'it's all coming together nicely moment' was when the floor had a coat of paint and looked all clean, shiny and new. I know it wont last long so I took a photo for posterity. It looked so good I think I will actually enjoy sweeping it for say, ooh, at least another 3 days before I get bored! White-washing the cladding has opened the room up and sets off the paintings better than the previous natural wood colour. We've almost managed to hide my messier, working studio area and give Mike's side of the business more of an office/customer feel with 'it does exactly what it says on the tin' room dividers. Neat. Literally!

As for the rest of it, pieces will be added hot off the production line. I must confess there was a slight balking at the idea of sitting in front of the window where the world can walk by and see me painting away, being the shy, retiring and quiet woman I am ( ha! May I BE forgiven?!) Fortunately I have found my hairbrush, and have a daily mantra of ' just get over yourself will you girlie' which seems to be working!  Now here's a difference between the sexes... I'm worried about being self conscious and on show, while my hubby is worried about having to rely on Talktalk for broadband down there! On reflection,methinks his is the bigger worry.

Anyway, must fly- things to do, like crossing our fingers.......


~Babs said...

OH! This looks so fabulous! Must admit I am a tad jealous,,,although most of the time I am content to no longer being a business owner.
But could I rent just a tiny wee corner from you? Heaven's no, not in the window,,,,in that far back corner.
I am fearful for you, sitting in that chair a top the counter,,,:-D
please be careful and only sit there when Mike is in.
Aaw,,,,MUCH good luck vibes to the both of you,,,this is just SO good,,,,,a great 2009 in your own digs!
(pssst,,so glad you found your brush, I'm sending channel nine over with the camera crew)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your new venture. We will make sure we visit and say hi when we next visit BoA.

Carol & Ian

Serena said...

Hello Babs!! Thank you so much! Glad you like it! The spot you have picked out is perfect as it is in my bit... and that's where the kettle is too! Ha! Care for a biscuit?! And don't worry about falling from my perch- we are wearing so many layers for the cold that I'm sure we'll bounce!!
It is strange going out to work, but I think we had gone as far as possible working from home... it will be nice claiming back the house! As for Channel 9.... ooooh! A new frock opportunity! Any excuse!! :o)

Dear Carol and Ian,
Hello again and thank you for stopping by with your kind comments! Hope you had a great Christmastime and New Year. It'll be great to see you again- though it will probably be tea and coffee instead of mulled wine, as we've got neighbours now!! Take care and all the best,
Serena :o)

Lynette said...

Congratulations on your new business and it looks fantastic!!

Serena said...

Thank you Lynette! It's all still very exciting! I like your blog by the way- and best of luck with th e new camera! :o)

Anonymous said...

Have been meaning to say Congrats and hope all goeas well, very brave!
noticed you have feed it ststs I have same though it cannot tell me where the individual hits are comming from as i am Wordpress, have been london, brirmingham but now I seee that I am Worcester!!!
Good Luck once more!

Serena said...

Thank you Chris for the kind comments! As for the feedit stats, I haven't got a clue what's going on- not sure the widget does, either! Only once have I logged on and it has said my home town!! Mind you it looks like we all get around a bit- cheap travel hey! :o)