Sunday, 8 March 2009

Six times table trouble.....

I remember learning these way back in time when nylon flares were all the rage and brown and orange colourways were seen as elegant and fashionable. Today's post however has nothing to do with mathematics and algebraic systems... it's all about 'when art goes bad' (cue dramatic drum roll!)  I wasn't going to mention the bad bits here on blogland as I like to keep things viewed through my Panglossian, rose coloured spectacles whenever possible. Common courtesy though wins because I have a BIG tip to pass on, that I learnt the hard way and wouldn't want anyone making the same mistake. 'What did she do?' I hear, from at least one person hopefully out there. Well.....

I have spent all week painting 19" round glass tops for tables which are proving popular now spring is a-coming. I 'draw' (using pipettes) my design on, wait for that to dry and then pour in the colours over/inside the design using solvent based glass paints. When all is dry the design gets covered with sticky-backed, white vinyl for protection and boosting the brightness of the colours. The whole thing gets flipped over, and 'voila' you're the owner of one pretty table top. That's the theory anyway. I used a new paint for the drawn design- a metallic, water based glass paint that was of 'superior quality' according to it's headline. It dried nicely, and didn't react when the oil based paint was applied. The vinyl was then placed on, sticking perfectly to the underside......for about 10 seconds. The vinyl then disappointingly started to peel back with all the metallic work attached to it, sticking only where the oily stuff was. A bit demoralising seeing as I had six of these dried out on my worktop. I had to strip them all back down to blanks again, whilst Mike drove to get replacement paints. A costly and frustrating mistake indeed that I hope no one else repeats. So, the moral of the story is don't stick a vinyl backing onto water based paints.... EVER!

The picture posted is one of the table tops (a correct one!) that has been glued onto a mirror backing for an african themed commission.     


Norma Pugh said...

It got worse! You burnt your hand too. Oh, we did feel for you Serena and do hope that the table tops are now coming on well. Love the African theme. Love Mems and Peps

Serena said...

Dear Mems and Peps,
Mike's chest constricted after 5 mins- it really is lethal stuff. I carried on and have now stripped out my throat. It hasn't stopped me from talking! Next time we are going to add more coke with it!!
The chaps from the restorers are looking up a water based paint stripper they have heard about, for us. Best to try that one out I think XX

chrisbellinger said...

The things we do for Art!
If you were doing a dergree the tutors would most likely like the mistake!
Also you would have to take photo of same as proof!
Another thought were you painting with the stuff you use on tables prior to your headaches? hope these hvae stopped.

Serena said...

Ha Chris! You made me laugh about the tutors- if mistakes count I would pass with flying colours! As for the headaches they have stopped, thank you for asking- nothing more than wonky levels of this and that! :o)
P.S. Glad to see you are getting into photoshop- my hubby swears by it as there is so much you can do.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Serena
This reminds me of a ring my father had, it was called a tigers eye ring. The stone is just like yours in the photo.
This is very clever.
I like these and look forward to seeing some more...please.

Serena said...

Thank you for popping by Trevor with your kind comments. I used to collect stones as a child and know Tiger's eye very well ( my favourite was red tiger's eye but you hardly ever see it now) It's a 'protecting' stone which makes it great for jewellery and of course, the wearer of this gem!

~Babs said...

Well, the one you posted is awesome!
That sounds like a really big undertaking,,,even with all the right stuff!
Costly and time consuming mistake, yep,,,,but one you'll never forget, huh?

You & Trevor were discussing stones. I've always loved Jasper,,,and just recently stumbled upon some (ready?),,, PICASSO JASPER! And, as the name implies,,,it is gorgeous! I just finished a clay piece with it, and likely will post it soon.

So glad your headaches (real, and tables) are all better!

Serena said...

Dear Babs,
I have always felt the best way to learn anything is, unfortunately at times, the hard way- makes the learning indelible!!!
Jasper is such a rich stone in so many colours, but I hadn't heard of Picasso Jasper before. I googled it and WOW!! It's beautifully chaotic and aptly named! Can't wait to see it in your piece- it has a great meaning too, celebrate life! You and I should have matching hats made of it!!! X