Saturday, 28 March 2009

Stained Glass Window....... A3 size

Where's my step ladder? I need to hang up some bunting. YES! I have finally finished my stained glass window. The main part off it only took a 4/5 hours, but the glass painted cockeral has taken nearly a week to dry off completely. It's all worth it though as I am very pleased with the result- the course was enjoyable too and I got more than a little hooked. I had big plans for the beginning of this year to get a kiln to expand my horizens with glass work, and enrolled on a course to learn a few basics of fusing glass and stained window work. Getting the gallery/workshop shelved the kiln idea, as we sensibly sank the savings into stock and fittings. I thought about cancelling the tuition, but have always been a sucker for learning something new and exciting.  And what things I learned- niblets, fids and groziers hold no fear for me now! Lead was stretched, shapes cut and held with nails, and soldering completed with halfmoons ( after the first couple of joins anyway!) Cementing in place was probably one of the messiest tasks I have ever done, and for a while I was concerned the window would not clean up....but a handful of chalk dust does wonders I found. In between drying and setting times I fused simple glass pieces into pendants and coasters using various grades and colours..... Monsieur Lalique, eat your heart out non?  

Some of you may be wondering 'why, with an artist's wealth of inspiration to pick from, has she chosen a  football logo, and Spurs at that too!' I'm laying the blame entirely on my stepson. He has done so well at school recently getting into every exam with A grades, that it was only right and proper to do a special one off for him. He was officially 'chuffed'.....ahh, the way to a young lad's heart!!


~Babs said...

And pleased you should be, it's quite beautiful!
Again I wonder,,is there ANYTHING that this girl cannot do? Anything?
Cheering you on,,,,looks like you've got it down to perfect!

Serena said...

Bless you Babs! I can't sing in key, do the splits or spend within my means!!! That'll do for starters!! :o)

Norma Pugh said...

Come on ye Spurs! Sorry about Southampton! Whoooops! Love Mems and Peps

Serena said...

I'm glad I didn't do a Saints window as they might have found out and sold it off like everything else they touch!! Ha! XXXX