Sunday, 4 October 2009

Finished Ferrari commission.....................

Firstly many apologies for the tardy blogging of late.... unfortunately when things get hectic at work this is the first place that gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Quite unceremoniously at times! Life has been very good here of late and I find myself swamped with all sorts of commissions- hurrah! Gainful employment until Christmas... not bad heh? It was quite a gamble taking on the extra responsibility of a workshop/gallery space, but it has paid dividends and taking off in terms I only previously dreamed of. The downside though is time slips by alarmingly and you find you haven't written blog entries religiously as you once promised yourself. Ho hum, as my husband says for a multitude of things. I'm feeling all prodigal....
This is the finished ferrari commission I was asked to do by a lovely lady wanting something personal for her husband's birthday. She liked my 'Three Men in a Boat' painting at the gallery, or rather the detail in the picture I can get with oils, and wanted this exact car immortalized as 'hubby' is something to do with the tyres/wheels etc., ( things that go over my head!) I find I am very obliging when money is involved so jumped at this with relish. Apart from having to get the model and wheels right the lady also wanted it against a Tuscan house backdrop... so 'Ta-Daaaah!' Voila. It does exactly what it says on the tin, from Serena.
By the by, did any one read a piece about Damien Hirst recently.... he is apparently given up his pickling dead farm animals, sticking bits and pieces to skulls and getting other people to throw paint onto spinning canvasses for him. Hoorah, I thought, because I never really 'got' all that sort of art. If you are one of the clever people out there that can speak at length on the merits of this type of work/art, please don't write into me as I promise, in a month of sundays, your breath will be utterly wasted on me. I just don't and never will 'get' it. He is in fact taking ' a step backwards' ( his words) and has learnt to paint with a brush on canvas again. Well its about time Mr Hirst, and I truly hope you get the immense satisfaction most of us get from putting our hearts and souls down onto canvas, in true back to basics style work ethics. You never know, you may just enjoy it as it's not always about the money you see.... says she who has just painted for a tidy sum! But you get my drift don't you? More power to his elbow then. I can't wait to see what he comes up with and what he feels about it- how exciting, a new kid on the block.


Norma Pugh said...

A real Tuscan feel to the picture Serena. Hope the hubby likes it. What next? A dog on an iceberg?!!!
Good to have you back blogging - we missed you. Love Mems and Peps xxx

~Babs said...

So many commissions,,,aint life grand!
I'm very happy for you!
Of course this is a glorious finish to the piece, and I had no doubt it would be! (such detail!)

OH NO,,,,don't tell me Damien is giving up the animal treats! I've been saving forever to own one,,,,and now, sob,,,all for nothing!
I hope he's not forgetting what brung him to the dance,,,
HA,,,,,do ya suppose that stuff actually sells??????

Serena said...

Dogs don't like lettuce do they?!
Thank you Mems and Peps- I felt guilty thinking of you logging on daily and there being no new bits!! Had to remedy that! xxxxxxxx

Serena said...

Thank you Babs- I like being employed this way.... it beats working for a living! Ha!
Sorry I burst your bubble on ol' Damien but now he's given up maybe there is a niche in the market to follow up?! Fancy pickling ruminants?!!! Ugh, no! Nor do I! It's bad enough doing beetroots! But he is a multi millionaire so it obviously sells!!! xx