Thursday, 8 October 2009

More illustrations.................................

I hope you can see these alright as I photographed them quickly rather than scanned them properly. As some of you already know I have been passing away time drawing up some illustrations for Julie Mulholland's new children's book 'The Adventures of Charlotte Khan- Charlotte goes to Hong Kong.' I thought I had finished but a couple of weeks ago Julie asked me to do another 13 of these drawings for her book as she can get more in. What a result! This time they are her ideas for what she would also like to be in there, so it takes the pressure off me to try and second guess what is wanted. I was going to methodically work down the list she gave me but couldn't find the fun in that, so instead I shout out at my husband to pick out a number left and I get on with the corresponding one he calls out. What teamwork, hey?


~Babs said...

Love the teamwork idea!
I really like them all, but that one of the swimmers really grabs me!
How fun for you to have this work,,,which is, obviously,,, not work for you!
Pure Serena,,,GOOD job, girl!

Serena said...

Hello Babs!
You've rumbled me with the 'work' aspect! I have another 5 or so of these 'not work' pictures! I'm grinning sheepishly I promise!! It's the life heh?! Thank you as ever for your lovely comments x