Sunday, 15 May 2011

Be careful what you wish for....

A while back I was out gallivanting with my camera and stopped at a high, prime spot over the town. I found an unusual view of a higgled-piggled, windy street, but for love or money could not get an angle from where I was stood that didn't include a very stark, white van parked there. I wished it away to no avail, then thought 'well maybe I could erase it in photoshop.'
Once home I had a brief look at it and decided it would take too much faffing about to clone, heal and smooth it away so I left it in in all it's glory, printed it off as a photo and reached for the oil paints instead. I used the photo as reference and made the painting into a diptych... sans van.
To cut a long story short... guess who came into the gallery and bought both the photo and oil painting? ......

Yes, Mr and Mrs White Van!!


~Babs said...

What a great story!

and I love this composition,,so much interest, keeps the eye moving around.

Serena said...

Thank you Babs-
it's funny how things eventually work out lol xxx

Artythings2 said...

Hello to you!
long Time no see
Its been a while

Serena said...

Hello back- I see you are still busy! Yes.. I had a little break! Hope all is well :)