Monday, 18 February 2008


Phoo-eeeeee these paints smell- nice result though. It's been too cold to open the window, so I have gently been gassing out the office. Makes a change from the toner ink dust we normally inhale! I use these solvent based pearlised glass paints quite a lot, purely for the sheer exuburence of opaque colour I get from them. They shift and change whilst drying so you can never be sure just how the paint will sit. I've added a close up so you can see the mottled effect that happens. The paint comes in a variety of nice bold colours- just up my street. Nothing wishy-washy here, oh no! Looking at them is like a 'blammo' to the senses, an assault on the eyes! ( And up your nose in the raw state!) Hope you like them- I especially like the square plate for it's shape and clean colourway.

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Anonymous said...

These paints are lovely and your work is fantastic. I always check by to see your work- very prolific, cool and original!