Sunday, 17 February 2008

I've started... so I'll finish!

Busy week again at Serenarts, which we're all for! More big canvases printed off, and for the first time, large format photos printed off onto heavyweight vellum paper. The resulting images were immaculate- real depth of colour captured. The paper is more expensive obviously, but the end product looks 10 times better (feels nice too, soft and warm!) We can't wait to get them back from the framers. All this printing work though doesn't leave much time for blogging- hence the gap in posts!
Took a little time off today from setting out a new brochure for the glass works side of the business, by doing a wee spot of...painting! (Ha! Just can't help myself.) I'm not sure how I managed it, but I started what was supposed to be a quick idea on a plate... and ended up three hours later with hand cramp! Everyone's been there, right? My little idea of lacy bubbles became a lesson in sheer determination to finish before I got too much older. Night fell, so I shall colour it in tomorrow! (The other pictures are of bowls with different paint finishes, and a new deco lady I'm calling Zeta, purely because she looks vaguely like that welsh beauty Catherine.) Must away- hope everyone has a peaceful week. Take care.

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