Friday, 8 February 2008

Popping colour!

Poor ol' Arthur. He's our 'getting-on-a-little-bit' Iveco Daily (or rather, Diy because some of his letters are missing!) van. We feel a kindred spirit to him, as the bodywork has definitely seen better days, but the engine is still going strong as ever! He's had quite a past by the looks of it too- there are umpteen different logos and stickers underneath his current paint job. Every time it rains another company shows up on his sides! We thought it would be a swell idea to board him out properly, to transport paintings and glass work etc, safely, and make a solid base for a camper conversion. It was a great idea up until the removal of the final old board at his back end..... how the complete end hasn't fallen off is a miracle! (There's a lovely view of the road now, like one of those glass bottomed boats at sea!) So Arthur now has to spend a little holiday at my stepdad's workshop for welding work- which is really cool, 'cos it's at a working farm full of real live cows( and very real live cow poo smells!) chickens, stray cats and all these old tractors lined up in various states of repair. I've taken so many photos! After work today I played 'let's Photoshop' with one of the tractor pictures- my husband is "font of all" and told me to check out something called "popping colour." I'm hooked- who needs telly when you can work in Photoshop! Hope you like the picture; even if tratties aren't your thing, it's a very nice red! Happy weekend!

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