Saturday, 2 February 2008

Lost my desk again!

What a day- I have painted anything that has stood in my way today! Umpteen bowls, plates and lamps adorn my tables. I have no more room, but I cannot stop! It's like an illness. I must be a reincarnation of Copelia, but with paintbrushes! I think all this glass work is making me a little frustrated though, because I haven't 'played' with any oils yet for quite some time. Must rectify that, the minute I can find some work space again. Just for a busman's holiday, we decided to paint the bathroom this afternoon too. Mike being a whole whisker taller, took the top half, which left me the lower portion containing the loo area and all those fiddly pipes. I think I may have started sulking immediately, as there was no comment at all on my haphazard "slapping" technique, which came with an constant, audible huffing noise! I'm going to wear heels the next time paint delegation occurs. Cheaper than being stretched at the chiropractors.

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