Thursday, 3 July 2008

Narrow boats on the Avon...40"x28" oils on canvas

Oh! Sweet Mary, Mungo and Midge. Hallelujah and Yahoo-di Menuhin. I've finished the barge painting. It's the big one too, so the next smaller one should be a doddle by comparison. I now need to go buy some bunting, just to be able to hang some out! This turned into a real labour of love, but it's done and what's more, I like it! Rah. That helps, I feel! I am going to celebrate by having a very long soak in the tub to try and remove the Prussian Blue I am currently wearing- I am almost certain it's not this season's colour! (Now Cerulean, that's a different story!) Enjoy!


Chris Bellinger said...

I do like your colours!
I have a picture of a steam barge from a old greetings card in my blog a few posts back! You may be interested or fed up with barges for a while!

Serena said...

Thank you Chris-
I had a look at the steam barge, and it's beautiful. Light and fresh colours...nothing like my 'sock it to 'em' palette!
I like your blog too, a good eclectic mix of everything!


Serena, I love this piece.
Also,,,how you've painted your heart onto the front of the barge.
I can see you were really 'into' this work!