Sunday, 20 July 2008


A year on and still missed. We had to mention him as he was an active team member of SerenArts. No-one could pull out paper from the printer and shred it as quickly as he. Or drink the paint brush water you had just gone and fetched as messily as he. He would creatively add extra letters to any typing you were working on by standing on the keyboard. And considered it his duty to rid the studio of those dangerous and pesky loo rolls, by chewing up and spitting out everywhere little lumps of wet tissue paper. No stock photo shoot was ever completed without him regally sitting next to the latest piece- to protect it of course. And boy could he paint! He would just load up his paws by walking over a current oil on canvas, and artistically spread his daubs all over the place. Now who else has such an office/studio assistant like that, heh?! One in a million.
Rest In Pilchards, Jimmy x



Awwww, what a beauty Jimmy is!
I know you miss him terribly. We have a Callie,,,,,with many of the same talents as Jimmy!
Well remembered, Jimmy,,,,and a great memorial post to him!!

ADORE the sea painting in your previous post!!!!
It is so peaceful,,,serene/Serena.
I can feel (and hear) the waves lapping up. Thank you!

Serena said...

Bless you Babs!! xx