Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bradford on Avon- mainly watercolour!

Haven't been lazy over here- just been away! We even had a legitimate excuse to down tools and swan off... our first wedding anniversary! We took Arthur the trusty van- and now most cherished van at that as he flew through his MOT unscathed (luckily, leaks in the roof and a nail in a tyre don't fail you! Phew!!) A lovely little campsite nr. Poole turned out to be the destination, where we chilled until the rain finally drove us back home (Hmm! Damned clever rain that!) We did stay dry by tying a clear plastic tarpaulin over the roof- if anyone asked, we were going to say it was a new style solar panel!
I did take some watercolours with the sole intention of doing more work whilst away, but as it turned out they had a holiday too. (We have a penchant for taking the post out on day trips too!) Here is the start of some local scenes in watercolours (and inks, and pencils, and and and and!) This is a view of one end of the main street. Hope you enjoy......

Oh,by the by, a big thank you to everyone who stopped and chatted to us at the Frome Art Boot Sale today. It was one of the best atmospheres we have known. Lots of happy people, and artists.... and fantastic weather. Rah! Life is good!



Ooooh, I LIKE this!
It's a great perspective you have there.
Wonderful piece of art, multi-talented Serena!


Oh, and PS:
Happy Anniversary!

Serena said...

Dear Babs
Bless ya times two!! Didn't know whether to post this one or not, as I was uncomfortable painting it- I have to really think when using watercolours.....ugh!!!!