Tuesday, 22 July 2008

View Over Exmoor...oil on canvas 20"x20"

I like sheep, especially as kleftico.
Only joshing!

Another day, another rich landscape! One of these days I'll surprise myself and go all muted and soft, but I can't see it happening for a while! This is one for Mems and Peps as it's their neck of the world. I think if memory serves, this is heading out towards Porlock. I could be wrong though- ask anyone who knows me, about my sense of direction, or lack of it really. I only have two directions... "that way" and "over there"- nothing else!



Awesome sheep, awesome painting!
(I too, am baaaaaaadly directionally challenged. I so relate!)

Serena said...

Thaaaaaaaankyou Baaaaaaaabs! (This is catching!! )We should go on a hike together- that'll stretch all the rescue services!!?!